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Descendants of Aquilla Standifird

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*Contributed by Julie Cheche, Laurane Nash and others.  Thanks, Julie and Laurane!

Aquilla and Anna Gray Standifird's home.

Generation No. 1

1. AQUILLA3 STANDIFIRD (WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born October 22, 1838 in Two miles from Napolean, (Jackson Twp.) Ripley County, Indiana, and died January 03, 1932 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Buried: January 7, 1932, Indianola, WarrenCo., Iowa. He married ANNA (ANGALINE) GRAY October 04, 1860 in Warren Township, Wayne County, Iowa, daughter of ROBERT GRAY and MARGARET MCCOLISTER.


Aquilla is buried in the Indianola Cemetery, I.O.O.F, Manhoah Section in Wayne Co., IA.

Enlisted in Company "D" Iowa Infantry, Regiment 23, on July 26, 1862, and was elected 1st Sargent of the Company, Promoted to Lieutenant on April 11, 1863 at Wililins Bend, Louisiana. He was in the Battle of Fort Gibson on May 1, 1863, The Battle of Champion Hill on May 16, 1863, Also in the battle and charge on May 17, 1863 Black Ridge Bridge, and the siege of Vicksburg on June 7, 1873. In the Battle of Wilikins Resegnea on March 27, 1866 at Passkawalla, Texas. On Account of disability elected Captain of Barair Calvary on August 6, 1864, which was disbanded in May 1865, at the end of the war. He was also in the battle at Milliken's Bend in MS.


Aquilla Standifird was the son of William and Rebecca Standifird in  Ripley County, Indiana on October 22, 1838. Died January 2, 1932 at the National Soldiers Home in Leavenworth, Kansas - age 93 years, 3 months, 10 days. His parents moved from Indianola to Kirksville, Iowa in the fall of 1853. In the Spring of 1854, they located on a farm one mile west of Drakesville. In the Spring of 1859 they located to Wayne County, Iowa. Enlisted July 26, 1862 in Company D, 23rd Iowa Infantry as a First Sergeant. In April 1863, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. He was in various battles in the Midwest and the entire siege of Vicksburg. He was honorably discharged because of illness in the spring of 1864. He was married to Anna Gray on October 5, 1860 and to them were born eight children, five girls, and three boys. After the war, his home was on a farm east of Clio, until 1892 when he sold out and moved to Des Moines, residing on Logan Avenue. While here, they united with the Simpson Methodist Church and Mr. Standifird became a member of the Kinsman Post No. Seven, Department of Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic. After a few years they returned to Indianola wherein 1914, Anna died. Since her death, Aquilla made his home with his children and in the Soldiers Home at Leavenworth. Of the eight Children born, all survive their father: Mrs. Ida Allen Fresno, California; Mrs. Inez Burnett, Des Moines, Iowa; William Standifird, Woodward; Mrs. Maude Jones May, Oklahoma; Mrs. Nettie Silcott, Pleasanton; Mrs. Edith Silcott Des Moines, Iowa; Edward Standifird, Des Moines, Iowa; Guy Standifird Des Moines, Iowa

The immediate family: 26 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.

Notes for Anna Gray: Contributed by Joyce Sykora.  Thanks, Joyce!

Obituary: Anna, the youngest daughter of Robert and Margaret Gray, was born in Medina County, Ohio, August 2, 1842, and died in Indianola, Iowa at 8 o'clock, the evening of April 14, 1914, at the age of 71 years, eight months and twelve days.  She had six sisters and three brothers.  All have preceded her to the grave except her youngest brother, Albert Gray, of Bardolph, Illinois, who was unable to be with his sister when she passed away on account of poor health.  She came with her parents to Illinois in 1854, and to Wayne County, Iowa in 1856.  She was married to A. A. Standifird, October 4, 1860.  There were eight children born to them, five girls and three boys: Ida V. Allen, Allerton, Iowa; Inez L. Burnett, Indianola; William F. Woodward, Iowa; Maud I. Jones, May, Oklahoma; Nettie B. Silcott, Indianola; Edith M. Silcott, Edward E., and Guy of Des Moines.

She with her husband and family moved from one mile east of Clio, Wayne County, to Indianola in March, 1892, and to Des Moines in 1906, returned to Indianola October 1, 1914.  She was a member of the Simpson M. E. Church, Des Moines, Iowa.  Ripened in years and fully prepared to meet her Savior, a noble wife and loving mother has gone from us to enjoy the reward of a well spent life.  Oh how we miss her, but will remember her in our hearts as long as life lasts, with the glorious hope that we will meet her on the other side.

The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Chas. R. Barr, Thursday, at 2:30.  Interment was made in the Indianola cemetery.

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Anna Gray was the daughter of Rogert and Margaret Gray, who settled in Warren Township, Wayne County, Iowa in 1857 and later retured to Medina County, Ohio.

Aquilla referred to his wife as "Angaline" in one of his civil war letters to his sister, Sarah Sears. "Angaline has been punctual in writing to me as she is a good faithful wife to me when at home I am not in the habit of braging but I think I have the pretiest wife and little daughter there is in 11 states, well maybe."


2. i. IDA VANESSA4 STANDIFIRD, b. August 23, 1861, Clinton Township, Wayne Co., IA; d. November 23, 1939, Fresno , CA.

3. ii. LAURA INEZ STANDIFIRD, b. March 26, 1865, Warren Co., Iowa; d. June 14, 1951, Warren Co., Iowa; b. IOOF Cemetery.

4. iii. WILLIAM F. STANDIFIRD, b. October 08, 1868, Clio, Wayne Co., IA; d. June 23, 1954.

5. iv. MAUDE STANDIFIRD, b. March 18, 1870, Clio, Wayne Co., IA; d. June 14, 1936.

6. v. NETTIE TOBITHA STANDIFIRD, b. December 14, 1872, Clio, Wayne County , Iowa; d. June 03, 1959, Indianola, Iowa Cemetery.

7. vi. EDITH STANDIFIRD, b. May 15, 1876, Clio, Wayne Co., IA; d. May 11, 1949.

8. vii. EDWARD EARL STANDIFIRD, b. August 28, 1880, Clio, Wayne Co., IA; d. May 18, 1949.

viii. GUY STANDIFIRD, b. January 27, 1885, Clio, Wayne Co., IA; d. October 18, 1965, Fresno , CA.

Generation No. 2

2. IDA VANESSA4 STANDIFIRD (AQUILLA3, WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born August 23, 1861 in Clinton Township, Wayne Co., IA, and died November 23, 1939 in Fresno , CA. She married JOHN ALLEN October 03, 1886 in Cloio, Wayne Co., IA.

Children of IDA STANDIFIRD and JOHN ALLEN are:

i. HOLLIE5 ALLEN, b. July 16, 1887, Wayne County , Iowa; d. November 17, 1918, Wayne County , Iowa; m. (1) ?; m. (2) LENA SPEER, March 03, 1914.

More About HOLLIE ALLEN: Cause of Death: Flu

ii. OLLIE MAY ALLEN, b. June 15, 1889; d. April 04, 1944; m. T. J. KIMBLER, November 07, 1906.

iii. WILLARD S. ALLEN, b. April 12, 1892; d. July 19, 1934, Allerton, Ia; m. BEVA CHAMBERLAIN, September 03, 1915.

iv. WILLIAM E. ALLEN, b. January 27, 1894; m. LOVINA IRENE COBLE, June 10, 1917.

3. LAURA INEZ4 STANDIFIRD (AQUILLA3, WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born March 26, 1865 in Warren Co., Iowa, and died June 14, 1951 in Warren Co., Iowa; b. IOOF Cemetery. She married WILLIAM S. BURNETT September 05, 1893 in Indianola, Warren Co., IA.


i. RAY FENLEY5 BURNETT, b. April 01, 1896, Warren Co., Iowa; d. November 1981, Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa; m. VERA RENCH.

ii. ANNA BELL BURNETT, b. December 14, 1904, Warren Co., Iowa; m. SEVERT SEAKER.

iii. WILLIAM ROY BURNETT, b. June 08, 1907, Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa; d. August 29, 1995, Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa.

4. WILLIAM F.4 STANDIFIRD (AQUILLA3, WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born October 08, 1868 in Clio, Wayne Co., IA, and died June 23, 1954. He married LULU IONE ALLEN May 05, 1891 in Allerton, Wayne Co., KA.



More About HOBART STANDIFIRD: Cause of Death: died at age 21

ii. VERNAL STANDIFIRD, b. October 25, 1891; m. CLAUD WILSON, July 17, 1909.

5. MAUDE4 STANDIFIRD (AQUILLA3, WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born March 18, 1870 in Clio, Wayne Co., IA, and died June 14, 1936. She married CHARLES JONES January 29, 1891 in Cloio, Wayne Co., IA.


i. PURL5 JONES, b. December 15, 1891; d. May 20, 1970; m. LILAH HAIFLERGH.

ii. EZRA JONES, b. January 03, 1894; m. GRACE WILSON, December 23, 1912.

iii. CLARENCE JONES, b. January 17, 1898; d. February 09, 1970; m. (1) BONNIE WHITE; m. (2) ALMA WILSON, October 02, 1924.

iv. CHARLES FREDERICK JONES, b. July 17, 1901; m. ALICE WILSON, September 20, 1966.

v. ORAL LEONARD JONES, b. March 16, 1907; m. MOLLIE CALDWELL, February 14, 1927.

vi. JESSE WAYNE JONES, b. October 14, 1914; m. HELEN LAFAYETTE, June 14, 1935.

6. NETTIE TOBITHA4 STANDIFIRD (AQUILLA3, WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born December 14, 1872 in Clio, Wayne County , Iowa, and died June 03, 1959 in Indianola, Iowa Cemetery. She married THALBURG M. SILCOTT September 16, 1896 in Indianola Iowa, son of JOHN SILCOTT and MARTHA BROWN.


Cause of Death: assumed cancer of the uterus.

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i. ETHEL JUANITA5 SILCOTT, b. September 10, 1897, Indianola Iowa; d. November 22, 1986, Indianola, Iowa Cemetery; m. PEARL HARVEY GOODALE, February 19, 1919.

More About ETHEL JUANITA SILCOTT: Cause of Death: Cancer

More About PEARL HARVEY GOODALE: Cause of Death: Heart Attack

ii. JOHN WILLIAM SILCOTT, b. January 19, 1900, Indianola Iowa; d. August 12, 1981, Buried in Humeston, Iowa Cemetery; m. BESSIE FREDERICK, February 22, 1925.

More About JOHN WILLIAM SILCOTT: Cause of Death: Heart Failure.

More About BESSIE FREDERICK: Cause of Death: Cancer

iii. BONNIE MYRTLE SILCOTT1, b. September 17, 1903, South of Indianola Iowa; d. September 04, 1979, Buried in Humeston, Iowa; m. HERMAN RUSSELL HART1

iv. THOMAS MERRILL SILCOTT, b. July 19, 1906, Indianola Iowa; m. (1) ROBERTA HOOK JOHNSON; m. (2) EVELYN DALE, April 27, 1930, Cainsville, Missouri.

More About EVELYN DALE: Cause of Death: Heart Attack

v. HAROLD ABRAHAM SILCOTT, b. May 13, 1909, White Oak Township; Southwest of Indianola, Warren Co. Iowa; d. November 15, 1982, California, Fellow Oakdae Mortuary; m. MILDREN CLARK, May 04, 1938.

vi. CATHERINE ISABELL SILCOTT, b. January 16, 1913, Indianola, Wayne Co. Iowa; m. ROSCOE HAGAN, September 14, 1929, Pleasanton, Iowa.

7. EDITH4 STANDIFIRD (AQUILLA3, WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born May 15, 1876 in Clio, Wayne Co., IA, and died May 11, 1949. She married STEPHEN N. (OR R.) SILCOTT December 31, 1895 in Indianola, IA, son of EDWARD SILCOTT and CAROLINE RICHARDS.


Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here for photo of Edith Standifird.

Two different death dates for Edith: August 1972; Des Moines, Polk Co., IA.


i. FLORENCE5 SILCOTT, b. September 12, 1900; m. ORVIL CRAMER, July 24, 1920.

ii. EARL SILCOTT, b. May 07, 1904; m. OPAL MYERS, August 31, 1923.

iii. ROBERT SILCOTT, b. June 24, 1908; m. MARIE ANGES WICKS, September 24, 1932.

iv. EDNA SILCOTT, b. December 20, 1911; d. March 26, 1918.

v. RUTH SILCOTT, b. December 01, 1916; d. April 08, 1918.

vi. BETTY SILCOTT, b. February 02, 1920; d. March 13, 1920.

8. EDWARD EARL4 STANDIFIRD (AQUILLA3, WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born August 28, 1880 in Clio, Wayne Co., IA, and died May 18, 1949. He married SARAH EDDA BERRIE May 07, 1901 in Des Moines, IA.


i. JAMES KENNETH5 STANDIFIRD, b. January 12; d. July 17, 1920.

More About JAMES KENNETH STANDIFIRD: Cause of Death: Drowned

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Click here for an infant photo of Margurite Jane Standifird.

iv. RICHARD BENN STANDIFIRD, b. September 23, 1901; m. GEORGIA LATREE.

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