Gerrad Sandefur


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Gerrad was the son of Jonathan Sandefur.

Last Will and Testament of Gerrad Sandefur

It is my desire that Thomas (Trotter?) should at any time hereafter think proper to inclose the burial place of his forefathers that he be no prevented by my executors.

Further my will and desire is that my loving wife have the use of my whole estate during her widowhood in consideration of bringing up my children and as to what was devised to me by my father's Will, my desire is, if my mother's death in my wife's widowhood, that my wife have the use of that estate during her widowhood the same as the other.

Further my will and desire is if my wife prove with child and with a son, I give him all my land and an equal part with my two other children, if a daughter, to have an equal part, if not then give my land as well as my other estate between my two daughters Ann & Judith to be equally divided between my wife and children and my wife to have the use of the said equal part during her natural life and after her death is then to return into my other estate.

Further my will & desire is that in case my children's death without lawful heirs then I give my land to my loving cousin, John Morris, son of my sister, Elizabeth and his heirs and all the remainder of my estate then I give to equally divided_____and my sister Ann and I ____goods and appoint Capt. Bennett_______whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament______unto set my hand and seal_______.

Proved on 21st day of May, 1764

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