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McArthur & Sons

     The extensive produce merchants, with headquarters at Mt. Vernon, Ill, and New York City for eastern shipments, have a branch house in this city on the east side of the Public Square, a view of which is shown above.

     This house is under the direct management of Mr. W. H. Woodworth, who has been identified with the produce business since 1891, and today he is operating on a larger scale than any other similar concern in Southern Illinois.

     As an evidence of the magnitude of their operations they paid out $9,000 in seven days for turkeys alone during last Christmas week, drawing their supplies from this whole section of country as far south as Shawneetown.

     No commission house in this section comes any where near them in volume of business handled or territory covered.  Their employees number from ten to fifty, according to the season, and their teams are constantly on the go to and from the railroad depot, exporting daily.

     Mr. Woodworth was born in Coles county, Ill., in 1870, coming to McLeansboro in 1891, and engaging in the commission business.  April 29, 1898, during the war with Spain, he enlisted and was elected first lieutenant of company A, ninth Illinois volunteers infantry, and was ordered to Havana, Cuba, where they were stationed until their return to the United States May 22, 1899, when they were mustered out, not having lost a single man.

     Having thus seen military service he returned to his daily vocation with renewed zeal, and has succeeded in building up for his house a magnificent trade.  He keeps himself in close touch with his patrons and the markets, and always pays the highest market price for consignments, and during his residence here has built for himself a reputation for honesty and straight-forwardness that is second to none in this section, and therefore he has no difficulty in securing consignments.    




The Hamilton County Bank, situated on the west side of the Public Square, a view of which is shown above, was established in 1871 by Mr. Chalon G. Cloud, and is an elegant structure of brick with stone trimmings of highly ornamental design, and built expressly for banking purposes.  It is substantially built and complete in all its details.  The vault is one of its special features, and made as near fire and burglar proof as the ingenuity of man can devise, being lined inside and out with the best chilled steel and iron specially prepared.  Inside the vault proper are some of the finest constructed time lock safes to be found anywhere, so that from a material standpoint the bank's funds are absolutely safe from fire or thieves.

The bank is a private institution, owned and controlled by Messrs Cloud and Sloan, who give to the business their individual attention, receiving deposits subject to check, loaning money on approved security, the buying and selling of bonds and doing a legitimate banking business.

Mr. Cloud, who has lived in McLeansboro since his early childhood, and intimately known throughout the length and breadth of the county, has been actively associated with the institution since its organization, and is well known as a successful financier and business man.  In addition to his banking interest he is a large owner of real estate in this county and elsewhere, embracing some large farms in which he takes special pride, and will be pleased to show to anyone desiring a hoe in this the garden spot of Southern Illinois.

     Judge William P. Sloan, the associate with Mr. Cloud, was born in Pope county, Ill., and where he received his early education, after which he attended McKendree college at Lebanon, Ill, and then returned home and studied law under the tutelage of his father, Judge Wesley Sloan, who was at that time circuit judge.  He was elected judge of the Pope county court in 1879, serving four years thereafter.

     Being by nature of a financial turn of mind he conceived the idea of going into the banking business, and associating himself with Captain Gilbert, now of Evansville, Ind., they started in 1874 the first bank ever organized in Golconda under the name of Sloan & Gilbert.  In 1888 Judge Sloan withdrew and subsequently became president of the Pope County State bank, capitalized for $50,000, he owning a majority of this stock, and continued as such until he came to McLeansboro in 1897 and associated himself with Mr. Cloud in the Hamilton County bank as partner.  Judge Sloan has property interest in Pope county,  consisting of both real and personal estate.  The magnificent property at Golconda, known as Sloan's Hill, with its substantial residence, commanding an extended view up and down the Ohio river, is owned by Judge Sloan, and since he has decided to cast his fortunes here in McLeansboro he will gladly sow the property to any intending purchaser, and offer the most liberal terms.

     They are ably assisted in the conduct of the affairs of the bank by Mr. Jackson S. Lockett as cashier, who is also the faithful city treasurer, a veritable "watch dog of the treasury."

     Mr. James Lockett is the bookkeeper, having been in his present position for several years, and both are trusted employees and enjoy the confidence of the community.

     We have had view taken of both the residences of Mr. Cloud and Judge Sloan, together with that of Mrs. McCoy's, a sister of Mr. Cloud's, which will show to the outside world the character of homes to be found here in McLeansboro.


     The interior view of Messrs. Chapman's store herewith presented, portrays one of the neatest and cleanest establishments to found anywhere.  It is owned by Messrs. H. S. and Chas A., the latter having direct charge.  He came to McLeansboro from Evansville, Ind., a short time ago and established the leading grocery and provision house in the city on the southeast corner of the Square.

     Mr. Chas. A. Chapman was connected with the Bement-Seitz grocery house of Evansville for nine years and learned the business from the cellar up, therefore being possessed with a natural knowledge of all the details and with conscientious business methods, honest integrity and a determination to please.  The time is not far distant when the Chapman Bros. will hold an enviable place in the business and social circles of the city.   

     Their stock of groceries, queensware, woodenware and graniteware is quite large and all the stock is new, fresh and complete.  They receive daily shipments of the celebrated buttermilk bread fresh from the bakery of Marsh-Scantlin of Evansville and the handsome plate glass windows richly displaying a high class of goods on sale is always an object of admiration to the passerby and clearly indicate the business qualifications of those in charge.  Step inside and if you enjoy the luxuries of the table, the fresh crisp vegetables of every kin, the early fruits, the appetizing canvas goods and canned fruits and above all the aroma of good coffee will certainly please you.  The variety of goods found in this viand market will illustrates the character of trade it enjoys.  In their confectionery department a beautiful line of candies, along with a rich display of pastry stock is shown and answers to the demands of a fastidious taste.

     Their stock of both foreign and domestic brands of cigars and tobacco figure prominently and the trade accorded this line of goods bears evidence of its popularity among tobacco users.

     Mr. Chapman is fast identifying himself with our business community, who feel he is a valuable adjunct to the city.

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