THE City of McLeansboro

Our Professional Men

     Joshua S. Sneed, attorney at law and mayor of McLeansboro was born in McLeansboro, Ill. in 1852.  educated in the McLeansboro public schools and then attending select high school under Professor John Turrentine and Hon. Robert S. Anderson, obtained a certificate to teach, but never taught, having an offer entered the dry goods store of John Carpenter, where he remained till May, 1874, and was then tendered a position in the circuit clerk's office by Jonathan Starkey.  On the death of Mr. Starkey in May, 1876, he was appointed by Judge T. B. Tanner, clerk and recorder and served till December, 1876.  Mr. B. F. Gullie having been elected in November, he selected Mr. Sneed as his deputy, and with whom he stayed for two years.  During this time he was elected as one of the justices of the peace of McLeansboro township, and served five years.  In the spring of 1883 was elected police magistrate of McLeansboro and served three years, during which time he read law and was admitted to the bar in February, 1885.  In 1886 the city was organized under the general law and he drew the boundary lines, laying off the wards, and was elected the first city attorney and was active in the legal matters of the city, revising the city ordinances that year.  Eight years later he was again elected city attorney and filled the position acceptable to the people.  In April, 1899, he was nominated and elected mayor of the city, which position he is filling with credit and honor.  During this, his first year, the water works plant has been accepted and is now in running order.  He is looking after the enforcement of law without partiality or favor.



     The republican organ of Hamilton county, was started in November 1882, by Messrs. Lyon and Irvin.  In 1886 Mr. Irvin withdrew and since that time Dr. C. M. Lyon has been the editor and proprietor.

     Dr. Lyon has been a resident of McLeansboro since 1867, having previous to his coming here served over four years in the union army during the war of the rebellion.  He has twice presented his district in the legislature, and has served two terms as postmaster of this city, first during the administration of President Arthur and the last time during the administration of President Harrison.

     We present the portrait of our contemporary together with a picture of his home, and would state that we are under many obligations to the genial doctor for valuable assistance in the preparation of this number, and take this opportunity to express our gratitude for favors shown.

     The doctor stands high in the medical profession, is a painstaking and conscientious physician and enjoys a lucrative practice.


     Wilson & McNabb, whose office is in the Hogan block, devote their attention almost exclusively to real estate and probate law, the abstracting of titles, the drawing of wills and deeds and its varied manifold accessories.  Mr. Wilson is a native Tennesseean, born in 1842 in Monroe county, of the old Volunteer state, and came to McLeansboro in 1871, where he entered the law office of T. B. Stelle, with whom he assiduously studied law and under whose careful training he acquired a degree of legal acumen which enabled him to secure admission to the bar in 1874, since which time he has devoted himself to the practice of his profession.

     He has held various offices of trust during his residence in McLeansboro, and has practiced before the interior department of the government, principally in the pension bureau for the past twenty years.  As a member of his profession and as a citizen he stands high in the community, ever ready to assist in any movement tending to the advancement and best interests of McLeansboro.

     In 1890 he entered into partnership with Mr. C. R. McNabb, whose portrait we also present, who attends to the office routine work and is regarded as one of the most efficient abstracters in this section of the country, and is therefore brought in close touch with their numerous and rapidly growing clientage.  Born to its soil every effort of Mr. McNabb's life has been associated with McLeansboro, and no one who knows him will doubt that there is a bright and promising future in store for him.     

     The business of the firm is quite extensive, which is due in no small measure to its popularity.  The city cannot have too many such men, as to their energy and enterprise can be credited in a great measure its prosperity and general management.


     Dr. J. S. Barter, Dentist, whose office is on the northwest corner of the square over the People's bank, was born in Williamson county, Ill., in 1865, and received his early education in its public schools, after which he attended the Southern Illinois Normal university at Carbondale for three years, and then attended the Chicago Dental school for two years, during which time he was engaged in practice.  Desiring further knowledge in his chosen profession he attended the dental department of Vanderbilt University at Nashville, Tenn., and from which institution he graduated in 1895 and came to McLeansboro, since which time he has gradually grown in favor with our people and today enjoys a lucrative practice.

     In the dental college of today every appliance which skill and ingenuity can devise to facilitate dispatch in dentistry and to reduce the suffering of the patient to a minimum are used and recommended to the student.  Every well equipped dental office of the age should possess these instrumental appliances.  Here is our city that of Dr. Barter is equipped with all modern essentials.  He is prepared to discharge all orders, his terms being as low as is consistent with satisfactory service.

     The doctor is a member of the Masonic fraternity; one of the leading members of the M. E. church, fond of good music and takes an interest in all that pertains to the welfare of the city.

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