THE City of McLeansboro

Our Beautiful Homes--The Pride of McLeansboro

     To call attention to every one of the pretty homes in McLeansboro would be next to an impossibility in an edition of this size, but we certainly cannot go to pres without taking a snap shot of the one owned by Mr. Randall on Jackson street.  It is an ideal home for wife and children, everything so handy and complete, with its broad piazza, its well ventilated rooms, fully equipped with electric lights, hot and cold water in every room, and situated back from the street on a nice sloping grassy lawn.

     Mr. Randall was born in Clinton county, Ill., in 1860, and came to McLeansboro in 1882, where he met and won the heart and hand of the daughter of the late Dr. Rathbone, and he therefore decided that this was a good place to locate, with the result that they, with their two children, are leading an ideal life in the cozy home depicted above.

     Mr. Randall is a man of extensive travel and wide experience, having been connect with John H. Wilson, railroad tie contractor for five years, then with the C., P. & St. L. R. R., P. P. & U. R. R., L., C. & W. R. R. for four years, and since with the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad as tie inspector.

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