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     From the photograph picture of the store represented above, which is situated on the northwest corner of the Square and controlled by Messrs E .H. & H. B. Powell, two young men who started in business in October, 1889, it will be seen that they are "loaded to the guards" and fully equipped for business.  Being both to the manner born and reared here in Hamilton county, and educated in its public schools, they are naturally in touch with our people and know their wants, no other business having so steadily increased in importance and added so many improvements and acquired such perfection as the stove, tinware and hardware trade.

     In addition they are expert plumbers, and point with pride to their work to be seen any and everywhere throughout the city.

     They run a commodious tin shop, where they manufacture tinware and do all kinds of repairing, besides having experienced men to superintend the placing and handling of ranges and stoves.  Their stock of tools, farming implements and field seeds is full and complete, and in addition they carry a large stock of builders' hardware, and those of our citizens who contemplate building in the near future cannot do better than call on the Messrs. Powell Bros., where they will be assured of low rates as is consistent with first-class materials.  Taken in all they are wide awake, progressive business men, and are past forging their way to the front.



The resident agent of the world-famed Singer Manufacturing company, has his headquarters in the post office building, where he has constantly on hand a full supply of these celebrated machines, together with all the needed supplies.  He takes great pleasure in showing his patrons the various styles of machines carried in stock, and as an evidence of his popularity with the public he has during the fiscal year just closed placed 160 machines in this county alone.  If any of our readers are in the market for a good sewing machine Mr. Threlkeld will be only too glad to call on them and explain the merits of the Singer.  In case of purchase they will receive careful instructions from a competent teacher at their home, he can furnish all necessary accessories; he will give all needed attention to the machine while teaching how to operate, and they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are dealing with the leading sewing machine manufacturers of the world.  Mr. Threlkeld will sell these machines on monthly payments and take old ones in exchange.  

He is fast building for himself a lucrative trade and his many friends are proud of the success he has achieved.

     Mr. Threlkeld was born in Bowling Green Ky., in 1870 and came to McLeansboro in 188_ and clerked for S. M. Blades for six years, and then embarked in business for himself.  We give his portrait--the original can be at any time driving at a lively clip through the county hustling for business. Mr. Threlkeld is married and has one little girl, which tends to make their home life happy.     


     Samson M. and Gustav M., whose store stands out in bold relief at the head of this article (*no photo) are two of our most respected and aggressive citizens.

     In the year 1870 Moses Schoemann, the father of these young men, came from Nashville, Ill., to McLeansboro for the purpose of seeking a new home, and with that intuitive foresight characteristic of his race, he saw the future possibilities of the town and decided to locate.  How well he reckoned subsequent events prove.

     Having made this decision he soon established himself in business, and by ceaseless energy and strict attention to the small details we find him in a few years placing the affairs in the hands of his two boys, while he retires from active business, and with his wife removed to St. Louis to enjoy a well-earned rest in his declining years.

     As before stated this house is the pioneer house of McLeansboro.  Year by year it has grown step by step until now it is literally packed with sufficient goods to clothe nearly every man and boy in the city.  Their stock is fresh and complete.  "No old goods" is their motto, and with a determination to handle none but the best a bright future awaits them.

     In addition to clothing they carry a full line of gents' furnishing goods, underwear, children's clothing, hats, caps, shoes, trucks, valises, besides the noblest ties and collars and cuffs.

     These young men received their education here in the public schools of the city, after which they went behind the counter in their father's store, and thus literally grew up with the business, and when the old gentleman decided to retire the boys were ready to take hold and carry on the business themselves.

     On November 13, 1895, Samson M. was married to Miss Ida Frankenthal of St. Louis, and now their little child Gladys is a welcome addition to their home.  On March 14, 1899, we find Gustav M. married to Miss Elsa Frankenthal, a younger sister, thus the two brothers and the two sisters have become doubly united.

     The Messrs. Schoemann are both past maters of Polk lodge No. 137, A. F. and A. M. and Samson M. is now serving his third term as worshipful master and holds a commission as deputy grand lecturer.  They are both member of the Royal Arch chapter and belong to Schaare Emeth Temple of St. Louis.

     Our citizens are glad to witness their success, for such young men as the Schoemann Bros. are valuable aids in building up a community.


     The prosperity of a town depends in a great measure upon its varied industries.  Here in McLeansboro we have a plant which has been a success since its incipiency, and its output is in great demand.  We refer to the brick making establishment of the Smith Brothers, which has a capacity of 35,000 hard pressed brick per day.  Their plant is new and during the season they consume over 200 cords of wood, employ from ten to twelve hands and run two teams.  A market for their product is found in all parts of the county.  The clay which they use is taken from their own land surrounding the kilns, they having nine acres under fence.  In addition to this Mr. Caleb Smith, whose portrait stands at the head of this article, is actively engaged in the manufacture of the well known Opera Bouquet, Nickel Boom and Clipper cigars, which as quite a reputation among our people, who annually consume his whole output, amounting to over 130,000 cigars.  His factory is known as No. 52, Thirteenth district, and a visit to this little hive of industry will repay any of our readers who are interested.

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