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     The accompanying engraving which we have had made expressly for this issue will be readily recognized by the citizens of McLeansboro.  Situated on the south side of the Public Square, contiguous to the post office, right in the heart of the business center, it is a popular stopping place.  When you come to enumerate the various articles to be found in a first-class drug store, the task is stupendous.  Everything necessary known to medical science for the relief from pain by either man or beast can be found here, as the prescription department is presided over by Mr. Robinson personally.  It is full and complete.  The stock of goods comprises nearly every class usually contained in a first-class house.  The varied stock of merchandise, drugs, paints and oils, together with paper and stationery and toilet articles constantly on hand is largely augmented by a large variety of wall papers of all grades and designs.

     The various patent medicines which are so largely advertised can be found here in endless variety, and perfumes, cosmetics and powders are tastily arranged in the handsome show cases.

     Mr. Robinson has been in business here in the city for eight years, starting in with the motto, "Honest goods and honest treatment," and from which he has not swerved up to the present time.  His goods speak for themselves, and are his best advertisement.  He is also local manager for both the American and the Cumberland Telephone companies, and being both enterprising and progressive in his ideas and methods a prosperous future is predicted both for him and for the companies which he represent,



     The leading harness manufacturer in the city, commenced business here in a humble way sixteen years ago, and today, from the representation in the accompanying view, it will be seen that he is fast pushing to the front.  Making a specialty of fine goods he finds a ready market in this city and surrounding country for his wares.

     He has constantly on hand a large stock of harness, saddles, collars, bridles, whips, cushions and harness hardware, and also makes a specialty of repairing.  He deals large in buggy tops, rope and Apex Axle Grease and is the agent for this section for Pratt's and the International Stock and Poultry Good.

     Mr. Aydt is steadily increasing his facilities for manufacturing in order to supply his large and increasing demand for his high grade goods; he has now a full stock of everything in his line and is prepared to fill all orders promptly.  Fully appreciating past favors, he asks his friends a continuance of the same.



Whose portrait appears at the head of this article, was born near Mattoon in this state, August 21, 1865, and in 1869 went with his parents to Seneca.  Southwest Missouri, where he received his education.  In 1886, upon reaching his majority, he struck out for himself, went to St. Louis, and entered the dry goods store of Messrs. Penny & Gentle, with whom he stayed eight years.  In 1894 he came to McLeansboro and clerked awhile for J. C. Asher, and later on we find him with T. B. Stelle.  Thinking it about time to branch out for himself, in November, 1898, he bought out the stock of Puckett Bros., and now enjoys the distinction of having the only exclusive book store in Hamilton county.  Situated in the post office building on the south side of the Square he enjoys exceptional facilities for the display of his goods, for a constant stream of visitors is ever on the come and go.

     The current literature of the day, together with many of the standard works, can be found on the shelves, and any book desired and not in stock will be ordered and furnished at catalogue price.  Bibles, prayer books, son books, music books, together with the monthlies and quarterlies, can be found, besides a large variety of pictures and articles of virtue.

     In social circles he is recognized as on the leaders, being at present the chancellor commander of McLeansboro lodge No. 111, K.of  P.; enjoys the distinction of being one of the "officers" of the fire brigade and always found in place when duty calls.  Is a member of the First Baptist church, married and the father of a 4-year old "thoroughbred."  John is a fisherman, and is also known as a hustler, for if there is anything wanted in his line make it known, and if procurable at all will surely be obtained.  Look at his face, then go and hunt up the original when in need of a good book to read.


Is located on the south side of the Public Square, where he has held forth continually for the past twenty years, taking care of his old customers and gaining new ones.  The firm originally consisted of Asher & Ledbetter, but in 1895 Mr. Ledbetter died, since which time Mr. Asher has carried on the business alone.  Two stores are necessary to carry the immense stock of groceries, dray goods, boots and shoes, hats clothing and carpets so temptingly displayed, and a force of efficient clerks in charge of our veteran friend, Mr. Riley Daniel, are always on hand to attend to the wants of the largely increasing number of customers.  An exceedingly large stock of boots and shoes, from the heaviest brogan to the daintiest slipper, is carried--one whole side of the store being specially devoted to this purpose.

     Another section of the store which is screened off we find the millinery and all its multifarious belongings, where the many beautiful creations of headwear worn by our ladies have its origin.  This department is under the sole charge of Miss Iva Potter of St. Louis, who is an artist in her line, up to date in her ideas and fully alive to the wants of the community.

     The west side of the store is devoted to dry goods, dress goods, underwear, notions, etc., and the  center is taken up with an endless array of gents' clothing of the latest patterns and styles.  A stock of organs and sewing machines from well known factories are on  hand and the motto of the house is "If you don't see what you want, ask for it."

     Mr. Asher was born in Crittenden county, Ky., and came to McLeansboro in 1880, where he at once succeeded in identifying himself with the business community.  His lovely home on the hill side--a view of which we parent in this issue--is a little southeast of the Baptist church, of which he is prominent and conscientious member.

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