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History of Belle Rive and Dahlgren, Illinois And Surrounding Territory

Prepared by Continental Historical Bureau of Mt. Vernon, Illinois
December, 1960

Page B-25

Myrtle Learned Reporting.....

Another true story of a man's agony during the Civil War is that of Hiram (Hyde) Fisher.  Fisher, who lived a short distance from Sugar Camp Church, was the father of several small children, and his wife was on her death bed suffering with what was known at that time as "lingering consumption."  Because of his family obligations, Fisher did not enlist in the Federal Army as did some of his fortunate neighbors.

Some of the thoughtless members of the community spoke critically of his not enlisting in the army, and threatened that after his wife died they would see to it that "Hyde" Fisher went into the Army.

Fisher's wife passed away while the harried father was being so persecuted, and Fisher was determined to attend his wife's funeral.  At the funeral, Fisher carried a rifle for protection against his false neighbors; and seeing that he had the weapon, no one appeared to "get him".  As soon as he could make arrangements for the care of his small children, Fisher enlisted in the Army, which he served honorably and well.

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Myrtle Learned Reporting....

[How Belle Rive Got its Name]

Belle Rive got its name from Angus De Belle Rive, a Frenchman.  It is reported that in the early days of the village there were two story buildings on either side of the main street that runs north and south.  The buildings are said to have been extended from a point some distance north of the L & N Railroad to as far south as the Christian Church, a distance of several blocks.  A mill was in operation prior to the turn of the century.  The name of the operator is not now remembered, but this enterprise was presumably engaged in the business of making corn meal as that product was in considerable demand during that period.  It was the custom of many mills of this type to do custom grinding also of feeds for farmers as well as the grinding of the corn meal.

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