Little Springs Cemetery

James and John W. Knight

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James Knight
Co. D. 6th Illinois Calvary
Died February 3, 1877
Age 45 years.

John W. Knight
Co. A 40th Illinois Infantry
b. March 20, 1828
d. April 22, 1923

*There is a large double stone with pictures of two brothers, John W. and James Knight.
They were the sons of John Knight and Rachel Hankins of Christian and Hopkins Counties in KY.
They and their brother, Barney, went to Illinois about 1859-1860.
John W. Knight never married.  James Knight wed Harriet Sarilda Coons.

This is the front side of the large double stone of John W. and James Knight.
The ladies in the photo are their great nieces, the granddaughters of James & John's
brother Henry Farley Knight.  Their parents were George Parrish Knight and Sarah
(Charity) Eudora Heard Knight.  Their mother, Dora, is buried in the Little Springs Cemetery.

From L to R: Ina Crowell (1901-1997) lived in Evansville, IN
Delphia Lile (1890-1985); Pearline Dukes (1899-1984); and Birdie Lile (1894-1989) 
who all lived in Muhlenberg Co., KY and are buried at Cave Springs Cemetery.

There were also two sons in this family: 
William Herbert (1886-1947) who lived in Muhlenberg Co., KY and 
is buried at Cave Springs Cemetery; 
George Everette (1888-1969) who lived in Hopkins Co., KY 
and is buried at Salem Cemetery in Hopkins Co., KY.

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