Little Springs Cemetery

Fielding and Nancy Evans Broyles

Contributed by Jean Wells.  Thanks, Jean!

Fielding Broyles was born abt 1803 in VA, the son of John Broyles and Elizabeth Tanner Broyles, and died October 7, 1865 in Hamilton Co., IL.  He died in a sawmill accident.  
He married Nancy Evans March 13, 1924 in Monroe Co., WVA.  
His grave is in the same row, but not next to Nancy's.  

Nancy Evans was born May 19, 1800 in Monroe, West Virginia, the daughter of Morgan Evans and Nancy Agnes Lessley Evans.  She died February 4, 1853 in Hamilton Co., IL.  

Fielding and Nancy are the grandparents of Dora Heard who is also buried in Little Springs Cemetery.

Fielding Broyles married again to Susan W. Oglesby, daughter of John C. and Sarah "Sally" Knight Oglesby, on January 11, 1855 in Hamilton Co., IL.

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