Little Springs Cemetery

Wade H., Nancy E. and James Oglesby

Contributed by Jean Wells.  Thanks, Jean!

Wade H. Oglesby
Died September 5, 1870
Aged 54 Yrs, 8 mos, 4 days

Wade Hampton Oglesby was born in Christian Co., KY on November 11, 1820,
the son of John C. and Sarah (Sallie) Knight Oglesby.  He married Nancy Ellen Crabtree
on August 9, 1845.

Nancy E. Oglesby
Wife of W. H. Oblesby
Born January 28, 1826
Died July 5, 1884
Aged 58 yrs, 5 mos and 7 days

Nancy Ellen Crabtree married Wade Hampton Oglesby August 9, 1845

James Oglesby
Son of W. H. and N. E.
Born October 17, 1863
Died September 23, 1873
Aged 10 yrs and 11 mos.

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