Macedonia Cemetery

Many thanks to Stevie Hughes, JoAnn McGhee and the Frankfort Area Genealogy Society.


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( stone broken in half. Both pieces buried. Could not get it up.)
(Two triangle concrete stones-blank)
_____?____ Laura A. dau of G.S. & ___?___ 27 Feb 1877-29 Oct 1878  1y 8m 2d
2 small stones - no dates or names
A footstone, sprig of flowers. No names or dates.
A concrete block marker.   Flowers.
A marker. No name.  No dates.
Top half of stone missing.   Age 7y 10m 3d
Wallas P.  1902-1908    (Probably last name is GULLIC)
Sandrock   CHB  Dec 29   1884
Broken concrete stone. 
Marker shaped like a lamb
Marker, No names. No dates
Ralph       1905-1909                                       
 ?    Paul H.    Star    1927    Cross
Broken stone-name and dates gone.
Denver E.  1899-1933  (no last name on stone)


ABBOT, Wm.  Co. G  51 st Ill. Inf.

                (Sam SMITH adds this: “This may be the following Wm. ABBOTT: Franklin Co, IL Marriage Records 1866-1877 (RFH; IL; 977.394; Marr)  Willard Library shows ABBOTT, William married BLACK, Martha J. on 29 Sep 1974; Record B 151. This marriage was four days after the birth of Ann Elizabeth SMITH, Sam and Martha Jane’s youngest child. Samuel SMITH is the son of Bedford B. SMITH and Elizabeth TEETERS.”  jm)

ALLEY, Daniel N.  12 Feb 1888  (only date)

                (b. 12 Feb 1888 Windfall, Ind.,  d. 6 Jun 1955, home, in McLeansboro, IL; md Flossie L. BOND 9 Aug 1909;  md Eva L(ena) FISHER 5 Aug 1944 etc - per  Daniel’s obit  jm

ALLEY,  (Eva L(ena) FISHER b. 12 Feb 1881 Franklin Co, IL, d. 25 Feb 1955 hosp. in McLeansboro, IL

(d/o William A. FISHER & Mary Katherine JOHN; md John H. GULLIC 4 Aug 1897, md Daniel ALLEY, 1943, he survives, etc,  interred Macedonia Cem;  per Eva Lena’s obit   jm)


                Civil War, Maryland Infantry


BAIN, Helen M.  1918-1918

BAIN, Oras  1908-1930

BARNETT, Mary M.  d 28 Apr 1863   (w/o  J. T. BARNETT)

                (SH:  This may be Mary Ann Abott Barnett, wife of Jesse Barnett.  In the 1850 Census, Jesse is age 21 and his 
                wife, M. A. is age 22.)

BAUER, Ava F.  (HAYS)  1897-- 

BAUER, Donald Lee  Born & Died 21 Feb 1935         

BAUER,  John W.  (1 Feb) 1893-1977

                (John William BAUER s/o William Frederick BAUER Jr. & Eliza Taylor WEBB; Ava d/o (?)  jm)

BAUER, Loren E.  Born & Died 28 Jun 1923

BENNETT, Calvin  Ill. Pvt. Co. E 335 Inf  WWI  6 Mar 1891-30 May 1967

                (b. Hamilton Co, IL, d. at hosp. in Benton, IL; s/o John BENNETT & Annie OLIVER, per his obit, leaving wife Mary, & son Everett of Macedonia    jm)

BENNETT, Elizabeth  d 22 Apr 1893 

                47y  (per Franklin Co, IL death record    jm)

BENNETT, Rev. William Ephraim b. 26 Sep 1879 d. 28 Apr 1951 (

s/o Winfield Scott BENNETT & Nancy Catherine (COTTINGHAM; teacher from Hamilton College & Ewing College; former Methodist Dist. Supt; retired at Mt. Carmel 1947, & moved to McLeansboro; md Nona CARLTON 17 Aug 1902, etc - interred Macedonia (Macedonia Cem? or Antioch Cem?) - per obit   jm)( b. Knights Prairie Twp, Hamilton Co, IL. In log house, d. in hosp. In Eldorado)

BISHOP, Cameron  1977-1977

BLACKWARD, Ben 1888-1972   

BLACKWARD, Martha A.  Wife  1868-1956

                ( w/o William Henry BLACKWARD) (d/o George W. GASS & Mary SULLIVAN  jm  (SH:  George W. Gass 
                came to the Macedonia area in 1853/54 with Zopher Johnson Jr and his wife Phebe Cooper Johnson
and their 
                family.  They came from Greene County, TN.  In 1850, “George” (no surname) is residing in their household, age 
  By the 1860 census of Knights Prairie Township, Hamilton County, IL, George is now age 16 and is 
                identified as George
  Guess (phonetic spelling of “Gass”).  He is still residing with Zopher Jr and Phebe.  His 
                relationship to this family is as yet unsubstantiated.  In some documents, he stated his mother’s surname as 
                Johnson.  Yet, there has not been any marriage found in the Greene County, TN records between a Johnson 
                and a Gass/”Guess”.  In his Civil War pension papers, George Gasss described himself as “a poor orphan 

BLACKWARD, Henry Ben  Son  1918-1928

BLACKWARD, Josephine   1914-

                (d/o John Logan CLARK & Evie Ethel JEFFRIES  per data from Audrey HUNGATE JEFFRIES  jm)

BLACKWARD, Lilla A.   Wife  1894-1920

BLACKWARD, Lwanna Kay  Dau  1950-1958

                (d/o Ben BLACKWARD & Josephine CLARK per data from Audrey HUNGATE JEFFRIES   jm)

(d. age 7 yrs, 13 Jan 1958, hosp. in Anna, IL; d/o Ben & Josephine BLACKWARD - former residents of Macedonia, now res. of Anna; leaves parents, etc  per Lawanna Kay’s obit   jm)

BLACKWARD, Myrtle   Wife  1902-1931

BLACKWARD, Rosemary   Dau  1934-1956

 (d/o Ben BLACKWARD & Josephine CLARK - Rosemary killed in auto accident per  data from Audrey HUNGATE JEFFRIES  jm)

BLACKWARD, William Matthew   Ill. Cpl. 278 Mil Police Co. WWII  19 Aug 1922-6 Nov 1954

BLACKWARD, Wm. Henry  Husband  1855-1909 

                (h/o Martha A. (GASS) BLACKWARD) (s/o?)


(Times, 19 Feb 1920: b. 10 July 1894 Hamilton Co, IL; d. 11 Feb 1920 West Frankfort, IL; md Ben BLACKWOOD 17 Jan 1914; leaves husband, 1 child, parents, etc; interred Macedonia Cem.  (per  obit  jm)

UNMARKED GRAVE:  PER JC:  BOLEN, Charles  d. 7-13-1925   WWI U. AS. Nav

BOLEN, Cornelia, his wife  9 Apr 1849-4 Apr 1928

                (w/o W(illiam) B(ailey) (“Willie”)BOLEN)

BOLEN, Henry D.  Aug 1838-5 Oct 1896

                (BOLEN, Henry  Co K 110th Ill Inf)

BOLEN, Martha J., his wife, 28 Feb 1834-16 Dec 1921

(w/o Henry D. BOLEN)  (Martha Jane ROBERSON md Henry D. BOLEN 28 Aug 1856 Franklin Co, IL  jm) (Martha Jane ROBINSON BOLEN b. near Akin, IL; d. at home of son James near Dahlgren, IL, etc  per Martha Jane’s obit  jm)

BOLEN, Iva (A.)  1886-1958

                (w/o William BOLEN) (d/o Alfred Douglas PHILLIPS & Nancy Elizabeth “Betty” LEE   jm)   

BOLEN, Sadie, died 12 Aug 1895  7m 3d

            ( d/o J.A. & F. BOLEN) (data per Betty KINGTON: Sadie is d/o James Andrew BOLEN & Frances (Fanny)

  BOYD; Frances (Fanny) BOYD d/o Lewis BOYD & Mary Jane (Polly) SUMMERS    jm) 

            (data per Sam SMITH adds that Sadie’s mother is Frances “Fannie” BOYD, d/o Lewis W. BOYD & Mary Jane 
                “Polly” SUMMERS  jm)

BOLEN, Sarah d 6 Jul 1880  20y  (from Franklin Co, IL death record  jm)

BOLEN William 1879-1946

                (h/o Iva (A) (PHILLIPS) BOLEN) ( s/o William Bailey BOLEN & Cornelia BEARDEN  jm)

BOLEN, W(illiam) B(ailey) (“Willie”) 22 Oct 1846-5 May 1925  Corp. Co I 60th Ill. Vol. Inft.

                (h/o Cornelia BOLEN) (s/o James BOLEN & Elizabeth “Nancy” CARLTON; Cornelia d/o ?  jm)   (SH:  Based 
                on information from Rev. Dupree’s book, “Early Johnsons of Hamilton County”, William B. Bolen married in 
 Mary Ann Johnson VanCleve (born 1837), wife of William VanCleve who died in 1862.  Mary Ann 
                Johnson was the
daughter of Robert Henry Johnson.  Robert Henry is considered the “founding father” of the 
                town of Macedonia.  The town was
created from land owned by Robert Henry Johnson.  See more about this 
                family in the “J” section of the transcription.

BOLIN,  ?  Ann (can’t read)

(w/o J.A. BOLIN) (d. 4 Oct 1889, 18y from death record  jm) (data per Betty KINGTON: This is Melissa Anne (Ann) SMITH b. 2 Oct 1871, d. 4 Nov 1889 age 18y - wife of James Andrew BOLEN, d/o Jasper SMITH & Ellen Jane HATCHETT; James Andrew BOLEN remarried to Frances (Fanny) BOYD, d/o Lewis BOYD & Mary Jane (Polly) SUMMERS, and James Andrew BOLEN & Frances (Fanny) BOYD had 15 children   jm)

BOLIN, Harrison  Co A 40 Ill  Inf  

BOLIN, John A(lexander)  26 Jan 1882-26 Mar 1895  13yrs.

(birth record #1943 from SRJ states b. 28 Mar 1883) (per data from Betty KINGTON, this is John Alexander Logan BOLEN, her uncle, who went by the name of Logan - Logan died at his sister Mary Elizabeth BOLEN ZELHART & husband Charles Henry ZELHART’s farm in Macedonia, Hamilton Co, IL - climbed over a barbed wire fence, and ripped his stomach open   jm)

BOLIN (BOLEN), Louisa M. (BOYD) 23 Feb 1850-17 Jul 1893 

(wife of Cornelius (Carlton) BOLIN) (Louisa M. BOYD d/o Noah BOYD & Dicadella “Dicy” WEBB; Cornelius Carlton BOLEN s/o James BOLEN & Elizabeth “Nancy” CARLTON - Louisa d. aged 45y per her death record  jm) (data from Betty KINGTON states that her grandfather, Cornelius Carlton BOLEN is buried beside his wife Louisa BOYD BOLEN; she also states that a  baby has been buried at the foot of Louisa BOYD BOLEN, an infant of Linzy BOLEN & wife Nancy Jane COZART BOLEN  jm)(Cornelius (Carlton) BOLEN d. at home of his dau. Mrs. Mary ZELLEHART Sat. burial services at Macedonia Cem. -  per his note of death 3 June 1936  jm)

BOLIN, Orrilla  (CREMEENS) 18 Apr 1845-14 Dec 1893

                (Harrison BOLEN & Orrilla  married 12 Apr 1864( (Harrison BOLEN b. Gallatin Co, IL 1842, d. 1 Dec 1911, aged 69y; had 7 children; md to Ellen LAMPLEY 7 July 1894 - had 2 children; buried in Macedonia Cem. - per his obit  jm)

BOLLAN, Emeretta  d 14 Jan 1865  1 day

                (d/o H. & O. BOLLAN) (Notice the variations in the spelling---above)

(SH:  BOSTER FAMILY. For more about the Boster Family refer to; The Descendants of Philip Boster, 1763-1831)

BOSTER, Alva  15 Nov 1883-3 Jun 1884

BOSTER, Andrew J. 14 Apr 1818-16 Jun 1884

                (born in GAHA Co. Ohio)

BOSTER, Clara (M.) Rose  1862-(8 Dec) 1936

(d. aged 74 yrs, at home in Knights, Prairie; md Thomas J. BOSTER, leaves husband, etc  per Clara’s obit   jm)

BOSTER, Clifford D.  29 Sep 1885-3 Mar 1886

BOSTER, Cornelius C.  19 Dec 1863-26 Apr 1945

(h/o Margaret E. (YATES) BOSTER)(Cornelius C. “Neal” BOSTER s/o Andrew Jackson BOSTER & Catherine SHIRLEY)(d. at home, Macedonia, IL per his obit  jm)   (SH:  Early businessman in Macedonia.  Owned and operated the drug store; was Postmaster in 1891 and 1898; President of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Macedonia in 1917)

BOSTER, Flora L.  15 Dec 1886-27 Agu (sic) 1891

BOSTER,  James S(mith)  1853*--(11 Apr) 1938

(b. 23 Jun *1858 per obit  jm) (s/o Andrew Jackson BOSTER & Catherine SHIRLEY; Sarah Elizabeth GIBBS BOSTER d. at her home in Macedonia, IL per her note of death  jm)

BOLLEN , John W. d 26 Sep 1867  1y 1m    (s/o H. & O. BOLLEN)

BOSTER,  James H.   10 May 1877-23 Sep 1942

                (s/o John A. BOSTER & Priscilla HATCHETT  jm)

BOSTER, John A.  Co. A  40th Ill Vol Inf.  10 Aug 1841-8 Jan 1909

(d. Thompsonville, s/o Andrew I. BOSTER, who came to IL in 1840; md Priscilla HATCHETT 1865 Hamilton Co, IL  -  per John’s obit   jm)   (SH:  son of A. J. Boster and Catherine Shearley.

BOSTER,  Margaret E.  10 Feb 1872-26 Aug 1959

(w/o Cornelius C. BOSTER) (d/o Richard J. YATES & Ann HAMER - per  obits of Cornelius & Margaret E. )

BOSTER, Myrtle  1881-1928   (w/o Vincent BOSTER)

BOSTER, Ona  15 Mar 1881-11 Oct 1950  (d/o?)

BOSTER,  Priscilla,  8 Feb 1843-23 Oct **1933 

(no, d. **1938 per her 25 Oct 1938 obit  jm) (w/o John A. BOSTER) (d. at home of dau. Ella at Peoria, IL per her obit    jm)

BOSTER, Sarah E(lizabeth)  1855-19__

                (d/o Levi GIBBS & Mary Ann GRIFFIN)

BOSTER, Thomas J.  1862-(21 Feb) 1943

                (h/o Clara (M) Rose BOSTER) (s/o Andrew Jackskon BOSTER & Catherine SHIRLEY - per Thomas’ obit  jm)

BOSTER, Vinson (4 Jan) 1878-(9 Sep) 1951   

(h/o Priscilla BOSTER) (Vincent BOSTER d. at home of dau. near Macedonia, aged 73 yrs; s/o James Smith BOSTER & Sarah Elizabeth GIBBS  per Vincent’s obit   jm) 

BOWIE, Dr. Burt D.  20 Oct 1889-26 May 1969

BOYER, Bessie,., hiw (sic) wife  3 Aug 1886-5 jul 1907 (d/o F.M. BOYER & Martha E)

BOYER, Martha E. 11 Feb 1869-27 Apr 1891 (w/o F.M. BOYER)

BOYER, Nellie  d 27 Sep 1888  2m 9d (d/o F.M. & M.E. BOYER)

BOYLES, Elmer Floyd b. 14 Sep 1897 d. 28 June 1991

(s/o John BOYLES & America BOSTER; md Lela SIMS 17 Jan 1920, leaves wife, etc;   Macedonia Cem.   (per Elmer’s obit   jm)( b. Knights Prairie Twp, Hamilton Co, IL d. hosp. In McLeansboro, res. Of Macedonia, IL at time of death)

                (SH:  Lela Carine Sims is the daughter of John G. Sims and Minnie Louise Johnson.  Minnie Louise was the 
                daughter of Dr. John
Henderson Johnson and his 2nd wife, Talitha Cuma Sexton, who are both  buried here.  
See the “J” section for information on this Johnson Family.)

BRADEN,  James O(scar)  1880-(15 May) 1946

                (SH:  husband of Una Braden)

BRADEN, Una L.  1887-1977

                (Per obit; d/o Andrew Jackson LEE & Mary FUNKHOUSER  jm)   (SH:  Una died 8-4-1977)

BRADFORD, Dr. James A.  24 Apr 1884-28 Jun 1917 

(per obit  jm)(s/o  George A. & "Lizzie” and apparently never married (?)  jm  (SH:  Dr. James Bradford is the son of George A. and Lizzie Johnson Bradford.  Lizzie is the daughter of Dr. John Henderson Johnson and his 1st wife, Sarah Graham Johnson.  Refer to the “J” section for more information on this family.)

BRADFORD, George A.  25 Jan 1856-4  Dec 1931  

                (s/o James BRADFORD & Elizabeth DIXON) (per note of death  jm) (SH:  husband of Lizzie Johnson 

BRADFORD, Irvin  1 Aug 1896-2 Nov 1964

                (s/o George A. & "Lizzie” and apparently never married (?)  jm)

                (SH:  Irvin Hobart Bradford was the son of George A. and Lizzie Johnson Bradford.  Lizzie was the daughter of 
                Dr. John Henderson
Johnson and his 1st wife, Sarah Graham Johnson.  Based on Rev. Dupree’s book, “Early 
                Johnsons of Hamilton County”, Irvin Hobart Johnson was married twice.  First to Tommotine Hunt and second 
                to Bertha Warren.)

BRADFORD, Lizzie J.  9 Aug 1865-4 Oct 1943 

(d/o Dr. John Henderson JOHNSON & Sarah J. GRAHAM) (b. in Mo. d/o Dr. & Mrs. J.H. JOHNSON; d. at home of her dau. in Benton, IL; md George BRADFORD 1883 in Hudson Hotel in Benton, IL, per her obit  jm)

                (SH:  Lizzie J. (Jane) Johnson is the daughter of Dr. John Henderson Johnson and his first wife, Sarah Graham.  
Dr. John Henderson was the  son of Zopher and  Phebe Cooper Johnson.  Dr. John and his 2nd wife, Talitha, 
                are buried at this Cemetery.  See more about
this family under the “J” section of this transcription.)

BROOKS, Ada (A.)  (7 Sep) 1897--(26 Nov 1985)

(w/o Clifford BROOKS) (b. Franklin Co, IL, d. 26 Nov 1985 Benton, IL, res. of Macedonia, IL at death; d/o Willis (Taylor) HOLMAN & (Sarah Jane) Della PAGE, per Ada’s obit)         

BROOKS,  Betty   1836-1898 

                (w/o John W. BROOKS) (d. 1896,  from tombstone, this is Elizabeth OWENS, per data from Audry HUNGATE JEFFRIES  jm)

BROOKS,  Clifford   1898-1974

                (h/o Ada (A) HOLMAN) ( s/o Joshua Lafayette BROOKS & Sarah Ellen GASS  jm)

BROOKS, Cloyd   1891--

(Cloyd “Dutch” BROOKS b. 11 June 1892 IL, d. 25 Oct 1979 hosp. in McLeansboro, IL, res. of Macedonia, IL at time of death, s/o Joshua & Sarah GASS BROOKS per Cloyd’s obit   jm)

BROOKS, John W.  1827-1896; (h/o Betty BROOKS)

BROOKS, Joshua (Lafayette)  1859-1831

                (h/o Sarah E(llen) (GASS) BROOKS) ( s/o John BROOKS & Elizabeth “Betty” OWENS  jm)           

BROOKS, Infant  1924

BROOKS, Isaac  1861-1931

BROOKS, Sarah E(llen) (GASS)  1864-1940  (d/o?)

                (w/o Joshua (Lafayette) BROOKS)

BROOKS, Walter L.  1887-1949                             

BROOKS, Warner C.  Pvt. US Army (30 Jan)1890-(13 Jan)1975

                (b. Hamilton Co, IL, d. hosp. in Benton, IL, res. of Macedonia, IL at time of death; s/o Joshua BROOKS & Sarah GASS; md Florence WINEMILLER, leaves wife, etc.  per obit of Warner C. “Chick” BROOKS  jm)

BROWN, John  d 26 Dec 1893 

                48y  (per Franklin Co, IL death record  jm)  

BROWN, Clyde E.  June 01, 1916

BROWN, Billie J. (Jane Rogers)  July 07, 2002

BROWNING,  Dorothy F.  born 1918 (May 17, 1918) died December 22, 2002

                (w/o Virgil L. BROWNING Married 21 Oct 1945)   

                (SH:  Dorothy F. Johnson Browning was the daughter of Clarence Edgar Johnson and Dora Meadows.  Clarence Edger was the son of Zopher Alexander Johnson and Sarah Ann Boster Johnson.  Refer to the listing for Zopher Alexander Johnson (Reverend Z.A. Johnson).  Zopher Alexander Johnson was the son of Zopher Johnson Jr. and his wife, Phebe Cooper Johnson.)   

BROWNING, Virgil L.  (22 Nov)1915-(11 Oct)1973

(b. Sesser, IL, res. of  Springfield, IL at time of death; s/o Harry BROWNING & Annie LOCKMAN; md Dorothy JOHNSON; leaves wife; leaves parents of  West Frankfort - per Virgil’s obit  jm) (Tec 4 US Army WW 2  per  David GOSS’ book, 1991, about Macedonia, IL - data sent by Carollyn BLACKWELL  jm)     

UNMARKED GRAVE)  BROWNING, J. H.  Per Rev. Dupree’s Book “Early Johnsons of Hamilton County”,  in the 1870 Census,

 J. H. Browning,  age 12 (born 1858) and his brother, Ellsworth, age 8 (born 1862) are living in the household of 
                Robert Henry Johnson.  J. H.Browning is buried here.)

BUTLER, Cora  1874-1966      

BUTLER,  John   1867-1935


CAMPBELL, Alva E(dward) (1 Mar) 1892-1959

                ( s/o George Daniel CAMPBELL & Mary Elizabeth VANHORN jm)   

CAMPBELL, Bryan E., b. 22 Apr 1963 d. 1 Aug 1986

(s/o Hobert CAMPBELL Jr. & Helen BOWMAN; leaves parents; paternal grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Hobert CAMPBELL Sr. of Macedonia; maternal grandparents, Mr & Mrs Lewis BOWMAN of McLeansboro; Macedonia Cem.   (per Bryan’s obit   jm)( b. Hamilton Co, IL d. auto accident of Rt. 14 west of McLeansboro, IL; res. Of Macedonia, IL at time of death)

CAMPBELL, E(lmer) H(arrison)    DDS  11 Nov 1889-13 Apr 1956

(Marriage Record Franklin Co, IL: Elmer H. CAMPBELL to Ada Gertrude CREMEENS 4 July 1908; Elmer Harrison CAMPBELL s/o George Daniel CAMPBELL & Mary Elizabeth VANHORN  jm)

CAMPBELL, Edward Keith  3 Jun 1940-8 Nov 1945

                (SH:  Edward Keith is the son of Hobart Johnson Campbell.  Hobart is the son of Verla Mason Johnson 
                Campbell.  Verla was the daughter of Zopher (H.) Johnson, son of Dr. John Henderson Johnson and his 1st wife, 
                Sarah Graham.  All of this family is interred here with the (possible??) exception of Sarah Graham Johnson.)

CAMPBELL, George D(aniel)  10 Oct **1963 (no, **1863  jm) - 29 May 1948   (per obit  jm)

(s/o John Franklin CAMPBELL & Susanna COOK; Mary Elizabeth VANHORN)

  CAMPBELL, Hariet  d 13 Dec 1880 

                14y (from Franklin Co, IL death record  jm)   (SH:  Harriet, 17 years, daughter of John F. and Catherine 

CAMPBELL,  Mary E(lizabeth)  1 Apr 1861-16 Nov 1936

(b. Penn; d. at home, Macedonia, IL - lived in Franklin Co, IL for past 60 yrs. - per her obit  jm) (d/o Henry VANHORN & Mariah (Caroline?) WELLS) 

CAMPBELL, Verla M(ason JOHNSON)   (16 Oct) 1891-1974

                (d/o Zopher JOHNSON & Lydia Mary BENSON  jm)

                (SH: Verla Mason Johnson, died July 4, 1974.  She was the daughter of Zopher (H.) Johnson and Lydia Mary 
                Benson Johnson, both
of whom are buried here.  Zopher (H.) Johnson is the son of Dr. John Henderson 
                Johnson and his 1st wife, Sarah Graham Johnson.  Dr. John Henderson Johnson and his 2nd wife, Talitha Cuma 
                Sexton are also buried here.  Dr. John Henderson Johnson
 was the son of Zopher  and Phebe Cooper 
                Johnson.  Refer to the “J” section for more information on this family

(CARLTON)  ??  Daisy Lee  1892-1900

(CARLTON, Denver Edward b. 27 Jul 1899 Macedonia; d. 30 Sep 1933;

(s/o Samuel & Pearl KERN CARLTON; md Ruth ANDERSON Feb 1921, etc; leaves grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. G.B. KERN etc; interred Macedonia;  news item: Denver CARLTON slain & Aaron JOHNSON wounded by Warren & Carl LITTLE; lives about 5 miles SW of McLeansboro; CARLTON, a barber in McLeansboro, lived near Macedonia; gave a ride home to others -  per Legacy of  Kin Vol I (FELTY) pg 328 (1933-13)  jm)

(CARLTON), Herman  1910-1912

                (son of Cary V. and Gussie CARLTON   MAK)

CARLTON  Large Stone  Name only

CARLTON,  born and died 10 Dec 1898   (Infant of W.V. & M.J. CARLTON)

CARLTON, born and died 26 Jun 1900

(Infant of William Vinson CARLTON (1846-1914) & Mazella J. “Mae” VANHORN (1858-1951) md 3 June 1875 Franklin Co, IL   jm)

CARLTON, Ada 7 Aug 1885-4 Nov 1899; (d/o  J(ohn) E. & M(artha) CARLTON)

CARLTON,  Addie A(lice) (ROPER)  (9 Nov) 1864--(5 Aug) 1946

(w/o Bird C(ornelius) CARLTON) (Addie b. Odin, IL, d. at home Benton, IL, md Bird C. CARLTON 7 Nov 1890 per her 14 Aug 1946 obit  jm) (Sam SMITH adds that Addie A. is Addie ROPER, d/o Mr. & Mrs. R.M.G. ROPER  jm)

CARLTON, Bird C(ornelius) (19 Feb) 1860-(14 Aug) 1944  

(h/o  Addie A(lice) (ROPER) CARLTON) (Bird Cornelius CARLTON b. Northern Twp, Franklin Co, IL, d. at home in Benton, IL; md Nancy BORDER 1881- then md Addie ROPER 7 Dec 1890,   per his 14 Aug & 18 Sep. 1944 combined obits  jm)  s/o Richard Montgomery Green  CARLTON & Rhoda Ann BOLEN)

CARLTON, Cary V.  23 Oct 1888-13 Apr 1958; (h/o Gussie CARLTON)

CARLTON, Clarence E.  12 Dec 1893-18 Apr 1914; (son of B.C. & Addie A. CARLTON)

CARLTON, Cornelius   Co B. 110th Ill Inf.

CARLTON, Cornelius  25 Feb 1824-4 Aug 1885 (h/o Minerva CARLTON)

CARLTON, Cornelius B.  21 Dec 1853-19 Dec 1894   40y 11m 28d

                (SH:  Cornelius Neal Burton Carlton, was the husband of Frances Louisa Johnson (1858-1951)  Frances Louisa 
                was the daughter of
Elizabeth Jane Johnson Johnson and Enoch Sanford Johnson.  Elizabeth Jane was the 
                daughter of Christopher Cooper and Kathryn
Kerbaugh Johnson.  Enoch was the son of Robert Henry and 
                Catherine Smith Johnson.  See below for “Fannie” Carlton.)

CARLTON, Delmar Mitchell b. 29 May 1914; d. 22 Feb 1989

(d. hosp. in Benton; res. at death of McLeansboro, IL; s/o Lewis E. & Emma MITCHELL CARLTON; worked for Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY. for 35 yrs; md June VISE 7 July 1946; leaves wife; interred Macedonia Cem.  (per Delmar’s obit   jm)

UNMARKED GRAVE:  CARLTON, Denver Edward, b. 7-27-1899 d. 9-30-1933

                Husband of Ruth Anderson (married 2-31-1921); son of Samuel and Pearle Carlton.)

CARLTON Emma (MITCHELL  jm) 20 Nov 1891-18 Mar 1976

                (per Emma’s obit, b. Hamilton Co, IL, d. hosp, McLeansboro, res. of Macedonia at time of death  jm) (d/o Frank MITCHELL & Mary BURGESS   jm)  (SH:  wife of Lewis Carlton.)

CARLTON, E(nos) M.  1857-1915

(h/o Margeretta (BOSWELL) CARLTON) (Enos M. CARLTON s/o Richard Cornelius CARLTON & Rhoda Ann BOLEN) 

CARLTON, Enos 24 Mar 1876  1y 1m (s/o J(ohn) E. & M(artha) CARLTON )

CARLTON, Fannie   9 Nov 1858-11 Mar 1951   92y 4m 2d

                (SH:  Frances Louisa Johnson (1858-1951) was the wife of Cornelius Neal Burton Carlton (1853-1894).  Frances 
                Louisa (“Fannie” was the daughter of Elizabeth Jane Johnson Johnson and Enoch Sanford Johnson.  Elizabeth 
                Jane was the daughter of Christopher Cooper and Kathryn Kerbaugh Johnson.  Christopher was the son of 
                Zopher and Phebe Cooper Johnson.  Enoch was the son of Robert Henry and Catherine Smith Johnson.  Robert 
                Henry Johnson was the son of William and Nancy Morgan Johnson.  Both of
these Johnson families came 
                from Greene County, TN.  The Robert Henry family came to IL in the mid-1840’s.  The Zopher family came later 
                in 1853/54.  Although several intermarriages occurred between these two Johnson families, we have not yet  
                been able to substantiate a blood relationship in their pre-TN roots, although it is very likely.  Both of Fannie’s 
                parents, Elizabeth Jane (died 1882) and Enoch Sanford Johnson are buried here in unmarked graves.  After 
                Cornelius died in 1894,  Fannie remarried to a man named Rogers.)

CARLTON,  Gussie  1 Dec 1889-27 Oct 1944   (w/o Cary V. CARLTON)

CARLTON, Harrison  22 Apr 1862-7 Dec 1895   33y 7m 15d

CARLTON, Herman E..  29 Sep 1888-24 Jul 1909

                (s/o B.C. & Nancy D CARLTON) (d. Sat. night, bur. Sun. per obit)

CARLTON, Ira J. 11 Jun 1847-5 May 1895  47y 10m 24d

                (Ira Joseph CARLTON s/o Cornelius CARLTON & Minerva HAFFORD?   jm)

CARLTON, Ja___ M. (top part of stone gone) d 21 Oct 1859  14y    (s/o  R. & R.A. CARLTON)

CARLTON, John E.  1848-1923

                (h/o Telitha J. (HUNT) CARLTON)  (md Martha L. DIXON, who d. 1899 per note of death   jm) 

CARLTON, Julia Ann d 12 Oct 1861

                (d/o(Richard & Rhoda) CARLTON) (Born 30 Dec 1855, sister to Bird CARLTON.  MAK)

CARLTON, Lewis E.  23 Nov 1887- (24 Apr 1985)     

(h/o Emma (MITCHELL) CARLTON married 1 Jan 1911) Betty KINGTON adds that Lewis E. CARLTON, s/o William Vincent CARLTON & Mazella J. Van HORN d. 24 Apr 1985;  Emma MITCHELL (b. Franklin Co, IL, d. 24 Apr 1985 hosp. in McLeansboro, IL; res. of Macedonia, IL at time of death;  s/o William & Maye VANHORN CARLTON;  md Emma MITCHELL   per  Lewis’s obit   jm)  (SH:  Teacher and rural mail carrier from 1912 to 1957.)

CARLTON Logan E.  (22 Nov) 1890-(18 Jun) 1940  

                (h/o Naomi CARLTON) (per Logan's obit -s/o Harrison CARLTON & Amanda ?  jm)

CARLTON Margeretta A. 1863-1937

                (w/o E(nos) CARLTON) (d/o James BOSWELL & Sarah CROSS  jm)

CARLTON, Martha L. 11 Oct 1856-28 Oct 1899

                (wife of J(ohn) E. CARLTON)

CARLTON,  Mazella J.  1858-1951

            (w/o Wm V(inson) CARLTON) (Mazella J. (“Mae”  VANHORN, d/o Henry VANHORN & Mariah WELLS  jm)

CARLTON, Minerva,  (nee HAFFORD?) 28 Jun 1829-18 Feb 1888

                (w/o C. CARLTON)

CARLTON, Minnie  3 Nov 1885-8 Dec 1894

(d/o  William Vinson CARLTON (1846-1914) & Mazella J. “Mae” VANHORN (1858-1951) md 3 June 1875 Franklin Co, IL   jm)

CARLTON, Mrs. John E

                (Leader, 2 Nov 1899: d. 18 Oct 1899; Macedonia Cem. (per note of death in Legacy of Kin (FELTY) Vol I pg 64, 1899-21- Is this Martha L. DIXON?  jm)

CARLTON, Nancy D. (BORDER)  22 Jan 1864-22 Mar 1889  25y 2m

                ( wife of B.C. CARLTON) ( d/o Joseph BORDER & Jemima Jenny JONES  jm)

CARLTON, Naomi  1892-1938;  (w/o Logan E. CARLTON)

CARLTON, Nora  7 Oct 1881-22 Sep 1882

(d/o William Vinson CARLTON (1846-1914) & Mazella J. “Mae” VANHORN (1858-1951) md 3 June 1875 Franklin Co, IL   jm) (d. 21 Sep 1882  1y 11m 16d per death record  jm)

CARLTON, Pearly M(ay)  3 May 1878-3 Sep 1961 (d. Benton, IL per her obit  jm)

(w/o Samuel CARLTON) (Pearl May KERN d/o Gettis Montgomery Berry Hill KERN & Nannie Lydia TURNER  - per obits of Samuel & Pearl    jm)

CARLTON, Rhoda A(nn)  (BOLEN)   d 10 Apr 1900  72y 10m 24d

( wife of R(ichard)  CARLTON) (d/o James BOLEN Sr. per Betty KINGTON  jm)(CARLTON, Aunt Rhoda: Leader, 19 Apr 1900: d. 16 Apr 1900, bur.  Macedonia - per note of death  jm)

CARLTON, Richard  (Montgomery Green)  15 Mar 1829-26 Jan 1873

                (s/o Thomas CARLTON per Betty KINGTON jm)

CARLTON, Ruby L. (CONNER), b. 27 Feb 1924 IL; d. 3 Mar 1980

(d. hosp. in Belleville, IL - res. of Macedonia, IL at time of death) (d/o Hobart CONNER & Ethel BEATY; md Don M. CARLTON, leaves husband, etc; bur.  Macedonia Cem. per obit of Ruby L.CARLTON   jm)

CARLTON, Samuel   2 Mar 1877-6 Apr 1961  (d. Benton, IL per his obit  jm)

                (h/o Pearly M(ay) (KERN) CARLTON) (s/o John E. CARLTON & Martha L. DIXON)

CARLTON, Telitha J.  1865-- (18 Feb) 1945

(w/o John E. CARLTON) (d/o  John T. HUNT (& Sarah E. FLANNIGAN?) d. 18 Feb 1945 per her 19 Feb 1945 obit  jm) (SH:  Dr. John T. Hunt was a doctor in Franklin County for many years.  As a young man, he served with Civil War troop IL 40th.  In later years, he wrote a wonderful memoir of his years with IL 40th.  Many names of soldiers and personal stories are recounted in his memoir, including that of the untimely deaths in 1862 of Christopher Cooper Johnson, his wife, Kathryn Kerbaugh Johnson, and their infant son, Ellsworth.  Christopher and Kathryn were the parents of James A. Johnson and his brother Zopher A. Johnson.  Dr. John Hunt’s memoirs have been typed and posted on the internet by his great granddaughter.  These memoirs can be found at website “Yesterdays of Hamilton County”.  Dr. John Hunt is buried at nearby Antioch Cemetery according to his obituary, although he is not shown on the cemetery transcription.)

CARLTON, Wm. V(inson)  (2 Dec)1846-(24 May) 1914

(h/o Mazella J. CARLTON) (William Vinson CARLTON s/o Richard Cornelius CARLTON & Rhoda Ann BOLEN)  (SH:  Farmer who provided the land for the Accommodation School.  William’s wife, Mazella was daughter of Henry Van Horn. )

CARMEENS, (CREMEENS?)  Millard  29 Sep 1889-14 Oct 1891  2m 15d

CARNEY, George W.  d. 30 Dec 1878 

                34y 2m 26d   (per death record  jm)

                (SH:  UNMARKED GRAVE):  From the Franklin County Death Register,  “George W. Carney, male, married, 
                 born IL, (born 1844) age 34 years 2 months 26 days. Died 30 Dec 1878 at 9:a.m. in Eastern
Township.   Died of 
                malarial taxermia, 3 months or more duration.  Buried Macedonia Cemetery, 31 Dec 1878, by Friends. Physician 
                John S. Hunt, Macedonia, IL.”

            Elizabeth Sims Carney, born about 1790 came with at least four of her sons to Franklin County, IL in 1840.  She 
                was married to John Carney “about the 1st day of  September 1810” (this date was stated in her 1845 Petition 
                for Divorce.)  The actual marriage record gives their marriage date as  9-1-1807, Rockingham County, NC.  In 
                1822, Elizabeth and John Carney moved to Wilson County, TN.  In 1833, John deserted Elizabeth and their 7 
                children.  In 1840 Elizabeth came to Franklin County, IL.  In 1845, she filed for divorce.  She names only two of 
                her 7 children who were minors at the time.  These two minors were (George)  Washington Carney, age 18 (born 
                1827) and  Benjamin Carney, age 15 (born 1830).  We know with certainty that two of the otheer sons who came 
                to Franklin County were Andrew Jackson  Carney (born 1824) and William Carney (born 1815.)  George W. 
                Carney, who died in 1878 and is buried here is the son of Andrew Jackson Carney.

In the 1850 Franklin Co census is the family of “Jackson” (Andrew Jackson) Carney and wife, P. (Plina) A. 
                (Clark) Carney:
George W. (Washington), age 5; M. (Minerva) A. (Adeline) age 4 and Catharine, age 1.  The 
                mother, Plina Clark Carney died shortly after her last child, Jesse, was born in 1851.  After the mother’s death, 
                the children were raised by relatives and neighbors.  In the 1860
Census, Minerva (Adeline) age 13 and brother 
                Jesse age 9 are living with their uncle (George) Washington Carney.  The daughter,
Catharine, has died.  
George W. was working as a “laborer” in the household of James S. Wackoff.  By the 1870 Census, George W.  
                Carney (age 24, born 1846) is married with a wife, Elisabeth and two children, Sarah F. age 7 and William age 1.  
(Per Franklin
County researcher, Judy Couey, she gives the wife of George Washington Carney as Sarah 
                Sturgeon.)  They are two  households from George W.’s sister, Minerva Adeline who has married James A. 
                Johnson.  By 1880, the young widow, Elisabeth Carney and her two
children are living in the house hold of 
                Jesse “Kearney”.

               Adeline Carney Johnson is also buried at this cemetery as are several of the young children of brother,  Jesse S. 
                “Kearney”  and his wife, Margaret Moss “Kearney”.  Jesse and Margaret “Kearney”  are buried at Flint 
                Cemetery in Belle Rive, Jefferson County, IL. 

It is unknown what became of George’s widow, Elisabeth, and their children, William and Sarah.  Refer to the 
                “K” section for
those interred here under the spelling of “Kearney”.)

CHILDERS, James P. b. 20 June 1920 d. 16 June 1988

(s/o John C. & Luella Nanny CHILDERS; md Virginia BROCK, leaves wife, etc;  Macedonia Cem.   (per  James’ obit  jm) (b. Brandon, KY d. in hosp. In Evansville IN; res. At time of death, Macedonia, IL)

CLARK,  Adeline   11 Apr 1865-16 Nov 1942

                 (CLARK, Adeline (PAGE) d. 16 Nov 1942, aged 73 yrs, home of dau. Mrs. Arlie SULLIVAN, at Macedonia, IL; bur.  Macedonia  per obit   jm)

CLARK, Cora Agnes  24 Jan 1895-23 Mar 1935

CLARK, Dorothy L.  1921- ___(w/o Paul E. CLARK)

CLARK, Ida  1889-19__  

(Jo Ann “Ida” KEARNEY b. 14 Nov 1889 IL, d. 26 June 1979 hosp. in Benton; res. of Macedonia, IL at time of death; d/o Leslie G. & Belle WILLIAMS KEARNEY; md Irvin M. CLARK, he d. 6 Oct 1976, per obit of   “Ida”   jm) (SH:  Ida Kearney Clark was the daughter of Leslie G. Kearney.  Leslie was the son of William  Kearney (1832-1908) and Lucinda Russell.  According to family history, after William’s 1st wife died, he and his four year old son, Leslie, road on horseback to IL to his Uncle  (George) Washington Carney/Kearney’s home.  On 3-27-1862, William remarried to Sydney Robinson Sullivan.  Sydney died twelve days after the birth of daughter, Martha May Kearney (b. 5-18-1877 d. 8-24-1877.)  Both mother and child are buried at this cemetery.   Many members of this Kearney family are also buried at Liberty Cemetery.)

CLARK,  Irvin  1887-1976

                (h/o Jo Ann “Ida”( KEARNEY) CLARK  Married 1912) (SH:  Irgin died 10-5-1976.)

CLARK, Mary E.  14 Mar 1857-12 Dec 1927

CLARK, Ethel   27 Jan 1887-25 Jun 1908

CLARK,  Moses  Co. B 110th Ill. Inf.

                (SH:  Per Judy Couey, Franklin County Researcher, she gives Moses Civil War unit as 60th IL Infantry.)

CLARK, Paul E.  1906-1967 

Paul Earl CLARK  Ill Pfc  1972 SVC  Comd  Unit WW II (23 Mar 1906-16 Oct 1967) (d. 16 Oct 1967, aged 61y, in auto accident; res. of Colona, at time of death; md Dorothy HILL, leaves wife,  & son Gordon CLARK   per Paul’s obit  jm)

CLARK, Sanford E. 7 Oct 1926  Ill Pvt. 308 Rail Head  Supply Detach GMC

CLARK, William R.  12 Nov 1879-20 Feb 1881 (s/o L.C. & M.A. CLARK)

CLICK, John C.  PFC  US Army WW I  11 Sep 1893-28 Oct 1975

                (b. Macedonia, IL, d. at Vets’ Hosp, Battle Creek, MI, at death was res. of Augusta, MI, formerly of Macedonia; s/o Joseph CLICK & Sarah BROOKS;  md Thelma CREMEENS, leaves wife etc. per obit of John CLICK  jm)

CLICK, Robert  4 Sep 1926-12 Dec 1926

CLICK, Sarah E.  1863-1903

CORVIN, J.M.  Co. F  136 Ill Inf.

                (as written, but Wes Garvin informs me that this is his great-great uncle, and it should read GARVIN, J(ames) M. Co F 136 Ill Inf   jm)

SH:  UNMARKED GRAVE: PER JC:  COZART, John A. 87th IL Infantry.

UNMARKD GRAVE:   Infant child.

                (infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Omer CREEMENS. D. Wed. with pneumonia and whooping cough, burial at 
                Macedonia Cem. Per note of death 24 March 1911.  jm)

CREEMENS, A (Albert) A (Andrew) `1847- (1 April 1913), age 65y 10m per probate. Jm)

                (h/o Fidelia Jane (WALLER) CREEMENS.  Son of Wesley Cremeens and Mary Nelson.  Jm)

UNMARKED GRAVE:  CREMEENS, Bird T. d. 21 Jan 1881

                68y 10 m – minister (from Franklin Co., IL death record.  Jm)

                (SH:  In the 1880 Census, a Sarilda Johnson, age 20, “adopted daughter” is living in his household.  Twenty 
                years prior in the
1860 Census, Sarilda is age 2 and is living in the household of Zopher and Phebe Cooper 
                Johnson.  The relationship of Sarilda to
this Johnson family is as yet unknown.)

CREMEENS, Capt L.W.  (Lindsey W.) d. 8 Sept 1895 Co. F  136th Ill. Inf  

                (Co. "A" 40th IL Inf; Rank: Corporal, Date of Muster 10 Aug 1861; Co "F" 136th IL Inf; Rank Captain
                   Date of Muster 1 Jun 1864, Mustered Out 22 Oct 1864.)

 CREMEENS, Capt. L. W. 

(Co F 35th Ill Inf  (per book about Macedonia, 1991, by David GOSS - data sent by Carollyn BLACKWELL  jm)  Is this Lon  W. CREMEENS?  jm) (SH: Per JC;  served with IL 40th Infantry.)

CREMEENS, C(harles) M(arion) 1871-1925   

                (h/o Nancy R. (HAYS) CREMEENS)  ( s/o Albert Andrew CREMEENS & Fidelia Jane WALLER)

CREMEENS, _________Daughter of W. T. & M.J. CREMEENS

CREMEENS, Effie  d 3 Nov 1890 

                9y  (per Franklin Co, IL death record  jm) 

CREMEENS, Erman B.  died 10 Jan 1910  14y 11m 7d   (s/o C(harles M(arion) & N(ancy)R. CREMEENS)

CREMEENS, Emarel V. D. (?)   d 17 Sep 1865 (stone broken, flat on ground)

CREMEENS, Annie C. 12 Jan 1861-9 Jul 1863 (d/o Capt. L.W. & M.T. CREMEENS)

CREMEENS, Delta  6 Sep 1899  8y 4m 1d; (d/o  C.N. & N.B. CREMEENS)

CREMEENS, Eva  29 Aug 1878-28 Oct 1890

                (d/o  Albert Andrew CREMEENS & Fidelia Jane WALLER  jm)

CREMEENS, Fidelia  1849-1921

(w/o A(lbert) A(ndrew) CREMEENS) (Fidelia Jane WALLER d/o Uriah WALLER & Lucinda HEARD  jm)                            

CREMEENS, Goerge (sic) L.  16 Jun 1866-4 Mar 1889; (s/o Capt. L.W. & M.T. CREMEENS)

CREMEENS, J(incy) A(nn)  d 8 Feb 1894 

                58y  ( per Franklin Co, IL death record  jm)   (SH:  Jincy Ann Drew Benton, wife of Anderson J. Cremeens.)

CREMEENS, John D.  1 Mar 1875-20 Sep 1952 (h/o Virgie L. CREMEENS)

CREMEENS, Lon L. 15 Mar 1876-19 Oct 1890 (age 14y per d. record)

                (s/o Albert Andrew CREMEENS & Fidelia Jane WALLER  jm)

CREMEENS, Mack 20 Jan 1902  1y 10m 22d; (s/o C(harles M(arion) & N(ancy)R. CREMEENS)

CREMEENS, Margery M. 18 Dec 1882-5 Feb 1899

                (d/o Albert Andrew CREMEENS & Fidelia Jane WALLER  jm)

CREMEENS, Millard T. 2 Aug 1887   1y

                (s/o Albert Andrew CREMEENS & Fidelia Jane WALLER  jm)

CREMEENS, Minnie S.  25 Aug 1869-16 Nov 1889; (d/o Capt. L.W. & M.T. CREMEENS)

CREMEENS,  Nancy R. 1876-1952

                (w/o C(harles) M(arion) CREMEENS) (d/o Thomas Lafayette HAYS & Emily Jane SWINEY  jm)

CREMEENS, Nora  1877-1925 (w/o Omar CREMEENS)

CREMEENS,  Omar  1877-1930 (h/o Nora CREMEENS)   

CREMEENS, Pauline  28 Aug 1909   6y

                (d/o C(harles M(arion) & N(ancy)R. CREMEENS.  Per death record date of death is 3-27-1909.  jm)

CREMEENS, Roland H. 1 Jan 1881-17 Jun 1888

                (s/o Albert Andrew CREMEENS & Fidelia Jane WALLER  jm)

CREMEENS, Virgie L. 18 Jun 1862-15 Aug 1933   (w/o John D CREMEENS)

CREMEENS, Wesley B.  d 3 Jul 1856   35y


CREMEENS, William L  7 Sep 1890-10 Jul 1891

                (s/o Albert Andrew CREMEENS & Fidelia Jane WALLER  jm)

CREMEENS, W.T.  Co A  40 Ill  Inf

                (SH:  Born VA, came to IL in 1858.  Physician.)

CULLINS, Mabel       Mother     1887-1911

CULLINS, Sgt. Jno     Co. A 40th Ill. Inf.  

(listed as Sgt. Jno COLLINS in David GOSS’ 1991 book  jm) (Is this his wife?  jm) Legacy of Kin (FELTY) Vol I, pg 130 (1912-17A) CULLINS, Mary A. HUNGATE: Dahlgren Echo, 18 Apr 1912: b. 9 Feb 1822 Hamilton Co, IL; d. 12 Apr 1912, home of dau. in Dahlgren. Married John CULLINS; 7 children, 4 survive: William, Albert, Harriet, & Alice. Interred at Macedonia Cem.

CULLINS, Synthia G. 14 Feb 1854-25 Nov 1902


DALE, Hattie B(elle)  (29 Dec) 1888-(29 Feb)1952

(Hattie Belle CAMPBELL  b. 29 Dec 1887, near Macedonia, Hamilton Co, IL;  d. at hosp. in Cairo, IL; md Raymond DALE 10 Sep 1910; d/o W. Alec  CAMPBELL & Nancy Harriett PAGE  per Hattie’s  obit  jm)     

DALE,  Raymond   (24 Apr)1890-(18 Sep)1967

(Raymond DALE b. 24 Apr 1890 Hamilton Co, IL, d. 18 Sep 1967 hosp. in Benton, IL, s/o Christopher C. DALE & Rosie McKEE per Raymond’s obit  jm)

DAMBRELL, Waldo L., b. 19 Aug 1928 IL; d. 25 Nov 1987

(res. of St Louis, Mo; formerly of Macedonia, IL; s/o Barney & Freda DICKERSON DAMBRELL; md Adell E. “Becky” OGLE; leaves wife; interred Macedonia Cem.    (per  Waldo’s obit   jm)

DARE, Margaret J. d 7 Oct 1870   27y 11m 24d   (w/o  S.W. DARE)

(SH:  Margaret J. (Jane) Johnson Dare.  Margaret Jane was the daughter of Hiram Johnson and his wife, Elizabeth “Jane” Johnson Johnson.  Elizabeth “Jane” was the daughter of Zopher and Phebe Cooper Johnson.  Jane is buried at this cemetery.  Hiram was the son of William Johnson of Greene County, TN.  Hiram is buried with his 2nd wife, Paralee, at Hebron Cemetery.  Margaret Jane married S. (Simeon) W. Dare on 9-16-1858.

DARE, Sgt. S. W.   Co. F 56th Ill. Inf.

                (SH:  .  56th IL Infantry Mechanic Fusileers.  Husband of Margaret J. (Jane) Johnson)

DARNELL, (Flossie) Pearl  (25 Aug)1894-(14 Feb)1973 

(w/o Joe DARNELL) (Flossie Pearl HUTCHCRAFT  b. Franklin Co, IL, d. McLeansboro, IL; d/o John HUTCHCRAFT & Laura SIMMONS   per Pearl’s obit)

DARNELL, Ida M.  (30 Jul)1882-(3 Jan)1964

(Ida Mae (GWALTNEY) DEPOISTER DARNELL b. Saline Co, IL, d. hosp. in McLeansboro, IL; d/o Marion & Nancy BROWN GWALTNEY; md Mr. DEPOISTER; md Harrison DARNELL, leaves husband etc   - from Ida’s obit   jm)

DARNELL,  Joe  (14 Apr)1885-(abt. 9 Dec)1974

(Joe DARNELL b. Hamilton Co, IL, d. hosp. in McLeansboro, IL, funeral 12 Dec 1974, s/o Jasper DARNELL & Sarah DePEW  per Joe’s obit   jm) (Joseph DARNELL s/o Jasper Newton DARNELL & (?) Sarah Jane DEPEW; Jasper s/o General Andrew Jackson DARNELL & Mary Ann LAMPLEY; Sarah d/o George Allen DEPEW & Sydney Frances DARNELL;  Laura d/o William Mathew SIMMONS & Eliza SMITH; William s/o Travis SIMMONS --data from Trev WARD  jm)

DEPOISTER, Isabelle d 14 Jul 1886   13y 10m 14d (as typed)

(w/o  T.A. DEPOISTER) (This is Margaret Isabelle McCARTY b. 1867, d. 14 Jul 1886, d/o William M. McCARTY b. Ireland, & Katherine HARTY jm)

DEPOISTER, Wm.  1874-1968

                (SH:  Possibly son of William S. Depoister and Sarah J. Summers.)

DIAL, W. C.     Co D.  8th Ill. Cav.

                (SH:  Per Judy Couey, Franklin County researcher, the Civil War unit is 6th IL Cavalry.)

DIXON, Betty  28 Feb 1851-27 Nov 1920

DIXON, William  10 Apr 1847-20 May 1915

                (William DIXON may be s/o William DIXON & Menecia “Necy” ___?___   jm)

DREW, Della H.  1903-- ______(w/o William C. DREW)      

DREW,  William C.  1899-1945 ; (h/o Della H. DREW)

DUCKWORTH, Letha Ann  9 Jun 1881-20 May 1909 (w/o R.H. DUCKWORTH)

DUCKWORTH, H(enry) M.  1868-- ______ (h/o) Minnie L(oretta FISHER) DUCKWORTH)   

DUCKWORTH,  Minnie L(oretta FISHER) (18 Apr)1873-(20 Mar) 1922

(w/o Henry M. DUCKWORTH) (Minnie Loretta FISHER b. near Macedonia, IL; d. Mt Vernon, IL, md H.M. DUCKWORTH 28 Feb 1892, etc;  d/o W(illiam) A. FISHER & Mary C(atherine) JOHNSON - per Minnie’s obit -  jm)

DUCKWORTH, (Septema) America VISE  (DOLYRUS) 13 Mar 1832-8 May 1914

                (md Cary S. VISE bef. 1860; m. Govner DUCKWORTH bef. 1870; (d/o ?) jm)


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