History of Belle Rive and Dahlgren, Illinois And Surrounding Territory

Index for History of Belle Rive and Dahlgren, Illinois & Surrounding Territory--
prepared by Susan E. Ross, October 1998
Used by permission.

Notes: The following index is of all names found in this history--whether the person named is the object or the subject of the story.  Additionally, a few things should be noted: names are repeated unless I could be absolutely sure it referred to the same person.  If there is a local person who could clarify with more information, that would be welcome.  Regarding women's names: women are listed with the name given in the text.  The notable exception occurs when a married name also has the birth name with it in parenthesis.  In these cases I have included a double listing in the index with both names.  I have not listed the inanimate proper names occurring in the text; i.e. places, Civil War battles, stores, etc.

This index is copyrighted by Susan E. Ross, 1998 and may not be commercially printed and sold without written permission from Susan E. Ross.  However, anyone is welcome to make an "instant photocopy" of this listing for their personal library, or to add to the back of a public or research library volume of the work referenced.  With this in mind, it is being sent to the Jefferson Co., IL Web-pages and will be available on them

  Thank you, Susan!
Note: Page numbers were changed in some cases conform to this Website.

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