[Note: the date following the entry indicates the length of time 
the person has been a resident of Hamilton County.]
S=Section, T=Township, PO=Post Office address

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Adkisson, C. L. W. Farmer and Breeder. Registered Hereford Cattle. Duroc Jersey Hogs and Percheron Horses.  Born 1843, settled Hamilton County 1862.  Married December 7, 1875 to Elvira Odle.  Has served as school director and trustee. S. 10, T. Fannigan, PO Galatia.
Allen, C. W. Dealer in General Merchandise.  Born in Illinois in 1871.  Married November 13, 1892 Mary A. Porter.  P. O. Broughton
Allen, C. W.  Farmer.  Born in Illinois in 1860.  Married February 3, 1884 to Sarah A. Snead.  Second to Julia A. Latham, August 5, 1892.  Served as constable four years. S. 14, T. Twigg.  P. O. Broughton.
Allen, W. P.  Farmer, S. 9, T. Crook.  P. O. Thackeray, 1843
Anderson, Harry Attorney at Law and Dealer in Real Estate, McLeansboro, 1874.
Anselment, Leonhard Farmer and Carpenter.  Born in Illinois in 1851.  Married February 1, 1876, to Christina Schuster.  Served as School Director three terms.  S. 12, T. Dahlgren.  PO Dahlgren.
Appel, Peter Farmer.  Born in Indiana in 1863; settled in Hamilton County in 1902.  Married September 18, 1891 to Susan Pretzach.  Second to Martha May Stilts September 3, 1896. S. 8, T. Mayberry.  PO Broughton.
Atchinson, M. C. Farmer and Carpenter.  Born in Illinois in 1863.  Married January 28, 1886 to Sallie Wilkey.  Served as Town Clerk, Assessor and School Director.  S. 4, T. Dahlgren.  PO Dahlgren.
Atchisson, Heiron Farmer and United States Crop Reporter, S. 9, T. Knights Prairie.  PO McLeansboro, 1834.
Aydt, C. J. Dealer in General Merchandise, Piopolis.  Born in Hamilton County in 1859.  Married April 24, 1883, to Julia Miller.  Served as Township Treasurer and School Director.  PO McLeansboro.
Bank of Broughton Alvin P. Cox, Cashier; General Banking, Broughton.
Barker, C. S. Farmer.  Born in Illinois in 1869.  Married to Emma S. Burton, December 14, 1890.  Served as Constable four years.  S. 1, T. Twigg.  PO Broughton.
Barr, A. D. Farmer and Agent American Steel Wire Fence Co.  Born in Tennessee in 1856.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1865.  Married November 14, 1883 to Rosa Williams.  Second to Laura Williams September 24, 1898.  Served as School Director, Trustee and Highway commissioner.  S. 36, T. Twigg.  PO Broughton.
Bales, G. A. Farmer and Dealer in Horses and Mules. S. 25, T. Flannigan.  PO McLeansboro.  Mr. Bales was born in Illinois in 1873.  He married Mary Alice Reed.
Belangee, Rev. H. P. Missionary Baptist Preacher, S. 29, T. Dahlgren. PO Dahlgren.  Born in Indiana in 1864 and settled in Hamilton County in 1897.  Married to Mrs. Sarilda C. Williams, April 15, 1902.
Bennett, C. E. School Teacher and Farmer, S. 34, T. Dahlgren. PO Dahlgren.  Mr. Bennett was born in Illinois in 1876 and settled in Hamilton County in 1878.  Married February 28, 1900 to Della Jones.
Biggerstaff, Silas Farmer, S. 28, T. Crouch.  PO Belle Prairie.  Born in Hamilton County, Illinois in 1839.  Enlisted in Co. K, 18th Ill. Vol. Infty, Feb. 1864.  Discharged July, 1865.  Served Drainage Com., Justice of the Peace, Constable and State Board of Equalization.  Married February 16, 1864, to Sydney Fields.  Second January 5, 1897, to Jane Venable.
Biggerstaff, Prof. T. W. Superintendent of Schools, McLeansboro, 1860.
Bond, Wilburn Farmer, S. 25, T. Crouch, PO McLeansboro.  Born in Hamilton County, February 14, 1840.  Enlisted in Co. A. 87th IL Infty, August 13, 1862; Discharged June 16, 1865.  Married November 3, 1859, to Evaline Maulding.  Second to Cellsta J. Upchurch, June 3, 1876.  Third to Harriet Cocker, September 23, 1904.
Boster, C. C.  Postmaster, Druggist and School Treasurer, Macedonia.  1863.
Bowen, Ed. H. Farmer and Auctioneer, S. 3, T. McLeansboro.  PO McLeansboro. 1884.
Bowers, C. A. Farmer. S. 17, T. Beaver Creek.  PO McLeansboro.  Born in Illinois in 1866.  Married December 17, 1891, to Mary E. Moore.  Mr. Bowers has served as School Director.
Braden, C. P. Farmer, S. 7, T. Flannigan.  PO Thompsonville.  Mr. Braden was born in Illinois in 1858, and was married December 11, 1891 to Zora Bell Hall.
Bridwell, J. O. Farmer, S. 11, T. Twigg.  PO McLeansboro.  Mr. Bridwel was born June 11, 1872, in Kentucky and settled in Hamilton County in 1873.  He has served as Deputy Sheriff and Clerk of School Board.  He was Married March 30, 1892, to Eva L. Kinnear.
Brooks, J. O. Farmer. S. 36, T. Knights Prairie.  PO McLeansboro.  Mr. Brooks was born May 8, 1858, in Augusta County, VA.  He was married March 5, 1881, to Minnie Jones.
Buck, M. E. (Buck & Underwood)  Attorney, McLeansboro. 1868
Burnett, H. Farmer, S. 31, T. Twigg.  PO Broughton.  Mr. Burnett was born in 1835 in Illinois, and settled in Hamilton County in 1842.  He served as School Director.  He was married in April, 1857, to Margaret A. Douglass.
Burns, J. W. Farmer and Justice of the Peace, S. 15, T. Knights Prairie.  McLeansboro, 1886.
Burton, John Farmer, S. 28, T. McLeansboro.  PO McLeansboro, 1856.

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