[Note: the date following the entry indicates the length of time 
the person has been a resident of Hamilton County.]
S=Section, T=Township, PO=Post Office address

N - O - P

Newman, W. D. Farmer, S. 10, T. Beaver Creek.  PO Springerton.  Born in Hamilton County, April 25, 1865.  Served as Assessor and School Director.  Married January 22, 1888, to Mary J. Cain.
Nice, Jacob Farmer, S. 12, T. Dahlgren, PO Dahlgren.  Born in Ohio in 1863.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1890.  Served as School Director.  Married February 11, 1890, to Caroline Shuster
Odle, J. C. Farmer, S. 12 T. Flannigan.  PO Galatia.  Born in Illinois in 1870.  Served as School Director.  Married December 8, 1904, to Miss L. Garner.
Odle, T. A. Farmer, S. 2, T. Flannigan.  PO Galatia.  Born in Illinois in 1864.  Served as Township Collector.
Organ, Hon. J. S. (MD) Physician and Surgeon, Broughton.  Born in Tennessee in 1844.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1872.  Served as Member of the State Legislature and as Supervisor two terms.  Enlisted in Co. D. 30th Mo. Infantry June 17, 1862.  Discharged 1864.  Married November 25, 1897, to Mary Rhoads.
Otstott, F. M. Farmer, S. 22, T. Crouch.  PO McLeansboro.  Born in Knox County, Ohio, June 18, 1846.  Served as School Trustee and Director.  Enlisted in Co. I, 23rd Reg. Ill. Vol. Infty. in 1862.  Discharged in 1865.  Married December 24, 1871, to Sarah C. Hunt.
Phillips, Rev. Godrey Minister of M. E. Church, S. 13, T. Mayberry.  PO Gossett.  Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1832.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1864.  Married June 26, 1864, to Elvira O. Cropper.
Phillips, J. B. Farmer, S. 36, T. Knights Prairie.  PO McLeansboro.  Born in Tennessee December 4, 1844.  Served as Highway Commissioner.  Enlisted in co. C, 8th Tenn. Mounted Infty.  Married April 28, 1875, to Susan Carr.
Porter, James H. Insurance, Notary Public and Dealer in Farm Implements.  Born in Illinois in 1880.  Married March 10, 1902, to Minnie A. Clark.
Porter, Capt. W. B. Farmer, S. 7, T. Dahlgren.  PO Dahlgren.  Born in Kentucky in 1827.  Settled in Hamilton Co. in 1846  Served as School Director and Trustee.  Enlisted in Co. D, 20th Ky. Infty., October 7, 1861.  Discharged July 1862.  Also enlisted in co. A, 1st Ky. Home Guards of which he was captain.  Married March 17, 1847, to Hannah Caskey.
Poynor, D. R. Attorney. S. 17. T. Flannigan.  PO Akin.  Born in Illinois in 1856.  Held office of Justice of the Peace, Supervisor, Assessor, School Trustee and School Director and served as Notary Public.  Married January 18, 1880, to Annie Banes.
Pratt, Vactor Farmer, S. 33, T. Crouch.  PO Belle Prairie.  Born in Indiana in 1865.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1891.  Served as Constable.  Married September 19, 1885, to Mary Rollison.
Presley, R. H. Farmer, S. 5, T. Twigg.  PO McLeansboro. Born in Tennessee in 1835.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1842.  Served as School Trustee.  Enlisted in Co. D, 6th Ill. Cav. in 1862.  Discharged 1865.  Married October 4, 1855, to Catherine Duvall.
Prince, J. E. Farmer, S. 36, T. Beaver Creek.  PO Enfield.  Born in Illinois in 1861.  Married October 13, 1884, to Samantha Adams, second October 24, 1894 to Miss L. Greenlee.
Proctor, Ralph Assessor and Salesman, McLeansboro. 1877.

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