[Note: the date following the entry indicates the length of time 
the person has been a resident of Hamilton County.]
S=Section, T=Township, PO=Post Office address

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Tate, Hiram Farmer, S. 16, T. Flannigan.  PO Galatia.  Born in Illinois in 1858.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1885.  Married June 25, 1904, to Mrs. E. F. Hollada.
Tate, O. A. Farmer, S. 15, T. Flannigan.  PO Thompsonville.  Born in Illinois in 1858.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1879.  Served as School Trustee 12 years and as School Director.  Married Feb. 13, 1879, to Loretta E. Jones; second, February 4, 1886, to Florence Eubanks.
Tatom, William Farmer, S. 19, T. Twigg.  PO McLeansboro.  Born in Tennessee in 1846.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1861.  Married April 1, 1870, to Elizabeth Betts; second, September 23, 1880, to Francis L. Mick.
Taylor, W. S. Contractor and Builder, S. 5, T. Flannigan.  PO McLeansboro.  Born in Franklin County, IL in 1851.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1856.  Held office of Justice of the Peace 12 years and School Trustee 2 years.  Also served as Vice-President and Director of the Dahlgren People's Telephone Co., and Secretary I. O. O. F. Member of the Rep. Central Committee.  Married January 7, 1870, to Ellen Sullivan; second August 13, 1898, to Mrs. L. Mandrell.
Tenison, J. B. Farmer, S. 29, T. Dahlgren.  PO Dahlgren.  Born in Kentucky in 1841.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1866.  Served as School Trustee and Director.  Married January 12, 1860, to Sarah E. Bridges; second, April 27, 1865, to Nancy Standerfer; third, October 14, 1900, to Amanda Fields.
Thomas, C. B. (Thomas & Anderson), County Judge and Attorney.  McLeansboro.1870.
Thomas & Anderson (C. B. Thomas & Harry Anderson), Attorneys, McLeansboro.
Thompson, David Farmer, S. 20, T. Crook.  PO McLeansboro, 1852.
Townsend, W. Farmer and President of the School Board, S. 31, T. Crook.  PO McLeansboro. 1890.
Turner, L. W. Farmer, S. 31, T. Crouch.  PO McLeansboro.  Born in Coshocton County, Ohio, December 7, 1856.  Served as School Trustee and Director.  Married October 3, 1883, to Nora Rubotom.
Turrentine, C. W. Real Estate and Farm Loans, McLeansboro, 1869.
Underwood, D. J. (Buck & Underwood), Attorney, McLeansboro, 1864.
Upton, John H. Farmer, S. 22, T. Beaver Creek.  PO McLeansboro.  Born in White County, Ill., September 19, 1842.  Served as Supervisor and Drainage Commissioner.  Enlisted in Co. F, 87th Ill. Vol. Infty. August 15, 1862.  Discharged June 16, 1865, at Helena, Arkansas.
Vantrease, J. F. Farmer, S. 16, T. Flannigan.  PO Galatia.  Born in Missouri in 1873.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1875.  Married April 6, 1894, to Miss S. E. Jones.
Vise, H. C. Dry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Hardware, Buggies and Farm Implements, Macedonia.

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