[Note: the date following the entry indicates the length of time 
the person has been a resident of Hamilton County.]
S=Section, T=Township, PO=Post Office address

W - Z

Waller, W. J.

Farmer and School Teacher, S. 5, T. Flanigan.  PO Thompsonville.  Born in Illinois in 1876.  Served as Assessor.  Enlisted in Co. A, 9th Ill. Infty., June 28, 1898.  Landed in Cuba in January 10, 1899.  Discharged May 10, 1899.  Married October 17, 1901, to Mabel Hunt.
Waller, L. C., Sr. Farmer, S. 32, T. Flannigan.  PO Thompsonville.  Born in Illinois in 1833.  Served as Highway Commissioner and School Director.  Married April 17, 1859, to Nancy Ellen Lane.
Ward, H. B. Farmer and Stockraiser. S. 35, T. Dahlgren.  PO Dahlgren.  Born in Ohio in 1842.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1898.  Enlisted in Co. C, 137th Ohio Vol. Infty. in 1863.  Discharged in 1864.  Enlisted in Co., I, 177th Ohio vol. Infty. in 1864.  Discharged in 1865.  Married in 1870 to Sallie E. Anderson.  Children by first marriage: Norman and Bessie.  Married November 9, 1880, to Ella M. Davis.  Children by second marriage: Allie M. Anna P., Maggie O., Willa L. Henry B. and James E.
Weaver, Dr. C. W. Farmer and Retired Physician, S. 3, T. Twigg.  PO Broughton.  Born in Indian in 1836.  Settled in Hamilton county in 1872.  Served as School Trustee and Director.  Enlisted in 116th Indiana Infty. in 1863.  Re-enlisted in 12th Ind. Battery in 1864.  discharged in 1865.  Married September 19, 1857, to Catherine Lesley; second, October 9, 1867, to Nancy Hudson; third, October 9, 1879, to Mary Shaw; fourth, August 20, 1882, to Amelia Harvey.
Webb, John N. Farmer, S. 16, T. Mayberry.  PO Norris City.  Born in Illinois inn 1863.  Served two terms as School Director.  Married May 21, 1890, to Martha Blake, April 22, 1897, to Mary Brown.
Wheeler, W. T. Farmer, S. 15, T. Mayberry.  PO Norris City.  Born in Illinois in 1838.  Served as School Director.  Enlisted in Co. K, 6th Ill. Cav. October 18, 1861.  Veteranized March 14, 1864.  Discharged October, 1865.  Married December 15, 1859, to Sarah Ellen Hardesty.
White, Edward L. Farmer. S. 20, T. Beaver Creek.  PO McLeansboro.  Born in White County, Ill. Feb. 13, 1876.  Married August 23, 1903, to Bertha E. French.
White, G. W. Farmer, S. 16, T. Beaver Creek.  POI McLeansboro.  Born in Coles County, Ill. May 26, 1839.  Enlisted in Co. I, 29th Ill. Infty.  Discharged November 6, 1865.  Married July 5, 1861, to Mary Jane Thompson by Rev. I. Walker.
Wiley, Jackson Farmer, S. 35, T. Flannigan.  PO Galatia.  Born in Illinois in 1849.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1895.  Served as School Director, School Clerk and Justice of the Peace.  Married September 5, 1875, to Mary Shevlin.
Williams, F. O. Farmer, S. 11, T. Flannigan.  PO Galatia.  Born in Illinois in 1857.  Married February 15, 1890, to Margaret A. Deen.
Williams, Dr. J. S. Physician and Surgeon, Broughton.  Born in Illinois in 1858. Settled in Hamilton County in 1863.  Graduated from Missouri Medical College in 1884.  Married March 1883, to Ella M. Gregg; second Feb. 1890, to Mrs. Ella Twigg.
Williams, R. L. Blacksmith, Undertaker and Township Collector, Walpole.  Born in Illinois in 1870.  Served as Township Collector, Township Clerk two terms, and School Trustee.  Married September 18, 1892, to Miss L. Henson.
Williams, W. G. Farmer, S. 6, T. Twigg.  PO Walpole.  Born in Illinois in 1854.  Settled in Hamilton county in 1856.  Served as Highway Commissioner, School Trustee and Director.  Married September 7, 1903, to Caldonia Barker.
Wilson & McNabb Attorneys and Dealers in Real Estate and Insurance, McLeansboro.
Wilson, A. M. (Wilson & McNabb), Attorney and Dealer in Real Estate and Insurance.  McLeansboro. 1872
Wilson, J. M. Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 28, T. Crook.  PO McLeansboro, 1861.
Winder, M. R. Farmer, S. 12, T. Beaver Creek.  PO Springerton.  Born in Hamilton county in 1861.  Served as Collector and School Director.  Married December 20, 1881, to Ada Thomas; second, February 13, 1898, to Mrs. Lillie Warthen.
Witters, B. F. Farmer, S. 31, T. Dahlgren.  PO Dahlgren.  Born in Lawrence County, Ill. in 1852.  Settled in Hamilton County in  1872.  Served as Supervisor and Highway Commissioner.  Married April 4, 1885, to Martha Anderson.
Wright & Son, T. B. Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash Doors, Mouldings, Hair, Lime, Cement and Paten Plaster.  Wagons, Buggies and Automobiles a Specialty.  Estimates Furnished on Application.  McLeansboro. 1845
Wright, William (T. B. Wright & Son), McLeansboro.
Zachman, F. M. Farmer, S. 9, T. Crouch.  PO Piopolis.  Born in Illinois in 1865.  Married in 1889 to Katie Sefried.
Zellers, Nelson Farmer, S. 35, T. Dahlgren.  PO Dahlgren.  Born in Maryland in 1841.  Settled in Hamilton County in 1866.  Enlisted in Co. G, 62nd Reg. Ohio Infty. October 17, 1861.  Re-enlisted as veteran January 1, 1864.  Discharged December 17, 1865. Married March 26, 1872, to Emily J. Thierry.

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