Lawrence Orvill Deitz


Pub: McLeansboro Times, September 13, 1917

Lawrence Orvill Deitz, son of Norris E. and Rachel Deitz, was born November 28, 1893.  He was married to Maggie Daily of Delafield October 30, 1915.  One child, Arthur Lawrence, has come to bless this union.

He made a profession of religion about 12 years ago in a meeting conducted by Uncle Cal Richardson and united with the Delafield Baptist church.

He came to his tragic end about 7:15 Thursday, September 14, 1917, by a gunshot, fired by himself.  Oh how our community was shocked.

He leaves a father, who loved him so tenderly, a mother who doted on him so much, a wife kind and true, two sisters and three brothers, who were so fondly attached to him, and a host of relatives and friends to feel and regret his sad and sudden departure.  His funeral was conducted by the writer at Blooming Grove on Saturday, September 15,. 1917, at 11:00 a.m., in the presence of a large crowd of sympathizing relatives and friends.

The dear boy, Tom, as he was familiarly called, was surely not in his right mind.  Self destruction is not a positive proof of insanity, but a very strong proof of an un balanced mental condition.

The family has the sympathy of a large circle for friends  May God comfort the bereaved ones.  After a while it will be made plain.

J. D. Hooker

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