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Aden School

 *Contributed by Gail Hahn Hutchcraft. .  Thanks, Gail!

Teacher: Estella Perry
Year unknown

March, 1913
Vernis Lasater, Teacher

Front row: Henry Garrison, Clyde Garrison, Wilburn Davis, ?, Carrie Hutchcraft, ?, Maude Brown, Ella Bond, Jennie Garrison, Ethel Turner, ? Gladys Garrison

2nd row: ?, Howard Johnson, Clyde Hutchcraft, Willis P. Davis, Vernis Lasater, ?, ?, ?, ?, Anne Turner

3rd row: ?, ?, Virgil Gowdy, Clarence Hutchcraft, ?, Stella Witter, ?, Maxie Clark, Pearl Turner

Aden School 1954

First Row: David Musgrave, Roger Beard,, Clarence Steele, Johnny Wilson, Jerry Hall, Marvin Redmon and Tommy Hall
Second row: Danny White, Ronnie Redmon, Gene Stanley and unknown.
Third row: Judith Hall, Linda Keil, Linda Redmon, Ermal White, Kay Hall, Linda Yaraboro, Phyllis Richards, 
Flossie Hall and Dorothy Hall.
Fourth row: Shirley White, unknown, Norman Fired, Lowell Issacs, Dale Hall, FloAnn Redmon, Barbara Steele, Carolyn Sue Collins , Teacher Gilbert Wilson

UPDATE - Contributed by Karlah Hutchcraft:  In the school year 1954-1954, Aden was school district #105.  The teacher was Gilbert Wilson.  School started on August 24, 1953 and ended April 23, 1954.  The President of the seven man board was Dain Hall.  Gilbert Wilson had 25 students and 350 library books.  He had 24 years of teaching experience with one year of college education.  There were 10 living trees standing on the grounds.  The students were:

1. Barbara Stelle
2. Floann Redman
3. Gary McCormick
4. Norman Friend
5. Lowell Isaacs
6. Clarence Steele
7. Jimmy McCormick
8. Everett White
9. John Wilson
10. Ronnie Redmon
11. Mary Steele
12. Carolyn Collins
13. David Clevenger
14. Dale L. Hall
15. Shirley White
16. Jerry D. Hall
17. Linda Redmon
18. David Musgrave
19. Ermal White
20. Dorothy Hall
21. Edwina Guilliams
22. Flossie Hall
23. Phyllis Richards
24. Kay Hall
25. Tommy Hall

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