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Dahlgren High School: Class of 1922

Class of 1922
(Left to Right)

First Row: Sam Hunter, _?__Chase, Beulah McGath, Karthryn Porter, Vernettal Allen
Genevieve Dale, Angelo Schilling, Louise Barlett, __?___.

Second Row: Jennie Jines, Cecil Lowery, Emma Irwin, *Lela Guill ___ Cook, Edith Hook,
___(?)___, Helen Bennett, Dot Stull, Eulalia Aydt.

Third Row: Nana Hagerty, Alice Brumley, Herman Marsh, Clyde Winkler, Rufus Irwin,
M. L. Hunt, Harmon Irvin, Vern Hall, Floyd Holt, Emily Dulany, Irene Underwood.

Fourth Row: Albert Dulany, George Cates, Lawrence Allen, Delbert Porter, Owen Wicks, Walter Hall.

Update:  Lela Guill reports that she is the first person in the second row.  Go Lela!

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