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Contributed by Carolyn O'Neal.  Thanks, Carol!

Delafield School: Class of 1948-49

Class of 1948-49

The teacher pictured here is Ray Daily.
1st row from left: Bobby Perry
2nd row, third & fourth from left: Carolyn Collins and Melva Perry.

There were 23 students in the class of 1948-1949:
Shirley Hart, Mary Upton, Joyce Upton, Zana Bond, James Pearce, Jewell Pearce, Janice Daily, Donna Hart, Dorcas Moles, Laurett Gaither, Marvin Bond, Lindell Carr, Jack Hart, Gary Bond, Gladys Pearce, Barbara Allen, Joe Hart, Bobby Perry, Willie Moles, Sherry Hart, Joyce Hart, Eddie Allen, Melba Jean Perry.

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