Old Photos

*Contributed by Frank W. Hamilton.  Thanks, Frank!

*Corrections in blue.

 Anderson School -- 1928/1929

Teacher: John Knight

Back Row:  Eugene Prather, Ivan Mangis, Carl Prather, John Stone, James Mangis, John Robert Dale, Bernadine Hood, Maxine Mangis, Alice Mangis, Alice Thurkill

Middle Row: ___Turkill, Grace Mangis, ___Thrukill, unknown, Imagene Hunt, Lucille Stone, Fern Hamilton, Francis Hamilton, Nina Anderson, Robert (Bobby) Sharp, Alice Sharp, ___Thurkill

Seated: Glenn Prather, Lester Hargraves, Richard Anderson, Frank Mitchell, Carl Stone, Lincoln Mitchell, James Robert Hargraves, Aidie Wise, ___Thurkill, Unknown.

Notes from Fern Hamilton regarding her first year (1928-1929)

          "I discovered 'the mounted on the wall pencil sharpener' in this grade.  Once I sharpened about two pencils during 'books', our school's quiet time, and I was spanked by Mr. John Knight for not sitting at my desk.  I never told Mom or Dad, but Alice Sharp did once when the Sharp's were visiting.  Mom's response was that 'you can tell me anything and you will not be spanked'.  But I never sharpened my pencil but one time fast after that!"  

            "John Stone was a mean student.  He bullied all the younger kids and I was afraid of him.  Mr. Knight once finally had had enough and sent him outside to settle down.  He banged the windows and rattled the door until Mr. Knight went outside, grabbed him by the arm and told him once again to sit.  John Stone swung a fist and hit Mr. Knight on the face.  Mr. Knight and he fought until Mr. Knight got both of Stone's hands behind his back.  Mr. Knight then marched him to a tree that was beside the school.  He jerked his tie off and tied Stone's hands around the tree and left him there until school was dismissed.  When school was out, I ran all the way home."

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