Old Photos

*Contributed by Frank W. Hamilton.  Thanks, Frank!

 Anderson School -- 1933/1934

Back Row:  Fern Hamilton, Pauline Davis, unknown, Johnny O'Bryan, Bernadine Shell, Alice Sharpe, Marilyn Hargrave, unknown, Friona O'Bryan, Lois Shell

Middle Row: Fred O'Bryan, Grace Mengis, Bob Vineyard, Joyce Hamilton, Franklin Hamilton, Pauline Vineyard

Front Row: Bobby Sharp, Lowell Shell, unknown, Howard Anderson, Edith Marie James, Teacher-Mable Hargrave, Arthur Young, Phyllis Sharp, Betty Ruth Anderson, William Lee Young, unknown.

A note from Fern Hamilton who attended Anderson School from 1929 to 1936.  She was a great help in identifying student names.  Frank and Joyce Hamilton attended Anderson School from 1930 to 1938.

Best teachers: Mable Hargrave (she was great).

Worst teachers: Dorothy Malone (she cried all the time) and Kenneth Swank (he was mean).  

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