File Designation Standifer, Jesse M.

W.O. 3529


Mexican War Pensions.

Act of January 29, 1887.


Declaration of widow for pension

State of Texas

County of Wise

On this 21st day of May, A. D. 1887, personally appeared before me, a notary public for Wise County Texas, Caroline M. Standifer, a resident of Keeter in the County of Wise, in the State of Texas who being by me first duly sworn according to law, deposes and says:

I am the widow of Jesse M. Standifer, who served under the name of Jesse M. Standifer, as a surgeon in the company commanded by Captain Joseph M. Smith, in the Texas Frontier Regiment, commanded by Col. P. H. Bell in the War with Mexico; That my said husband enlisted at Kauffman (now called Johnson Station) on or about the 1st day of August, a. d. 1848, for the term of one year; that I was married under my name of Caroline M. Edwards to my said husband, by Rev. Poe on or about the 30th day of August, A.D. 1851 at Shelby County, in the State of Texas, and lived with my said husband from the date of my said marriage until the day of his death, to wit: the 1st day of August, A.D. 1881, when my said husband died at Keeter, Wise County in the State of Texas, and that I have not since remarried; that there was never any legal impediment to said marriage.

No. 1. That my said husband, being duly and listed as aforesaid, actually served 60 days with the Army and Navy of the United States in Mexico, or on the coast or frontier thereof, or en route thereto, in the war with that nation, which service was as follows: as a surgeon in said Army and was honorably discharged at Kauffman (now Johnson station) on the 15th day of December, A.D. 1848.

No. 2. That my said husband was actually engaged as a surgeon in said war, to wit and was honorably discharged at Kauffman (now Johnson station) on the 15th day of December, A.D. 1848.

No. 3. That my said husband was personally named in a resolution of Congress for specific service in said war, to wit: and was honorably discharged at Kauffman (now Johnson station).

No. 4. That I am 56 years of age, and that I was born on or about the 4th day of July, A.D. 1830 at Williamsport, in the State of Tennessee.

No. 5. That I am disabled by reason of paralysis in the face and right arm and a very bad cough, supposed to be consumption and the said disability was not incurred while I was in any manner voluntarily engaged in, or aiding or abetting, the late rebellion against the authority of the United States.

No. 6. That I claim pension by reason of the fact that I am dependent in whole or in part for my support upon a minor son, not legally bound for my support, and that such dependence as alleged consists in this, to wit: that I have no property or other means of support of my own.

That I have never heretofore made application for pension or bounty-land,

That in support and proof of my right to pension, I do tender herewith under the regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, the of following evidence: that my husband's Army papers were destroyed by fire about the year 1865 and I am compelled to substitute the affidavits of H. C. Daggett of of Tarrant County, Texas and Archibald Robinson.

That I am not laboring under any political disabilities imposed by the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution of United States.

Caroline M. Standifer

No. 3539

Widow's Service Pension

Mexican War

Act of January 29, 1887.


Caroline M. Standifer

Keeter, Wise County, Texas

Widow of ……………..Jesse M. Standifer, surgeon in Captain J. M. Smith's Texas Frontier Regiment

Enlisted ………………..August 1, 1848.

Discharged …………….December 15, 1848.

Died…………………..August 1st, 1881.

Age ………………….56


Widow's claim on file …………….July 16, 1887, B. P. Garnes, clerk

Received ………………………..June 3, 1887

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