E. D. Standiford


Jefferson County, KY

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E. D. Standiford

The Last Will and Testament of E. D. Standiford.

I, E. D. Standiford of the city of Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all previous wills made by me.
First: I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be promptly paid.
Second: I appoint my wife Lillian Godfrey Standiford the Executor of my will, and direct that no surety be required of her as such.
Third.  After the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses as above directed, I give and bequeath all the rest and residue of my estate of every kind whatsoever, and wherever situated to my wife, Lillian Godfrey Standiford, in fee simple.  In Witness Whereof I here unto set my hand this twenty first day of March 1900.

Signed. E. D. Standiford

In the presence of the witnesses whose
names are hereunto subscribed:
E. C. Hewbold
William T. Hale

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