Will of John Sandford


From: Lunenburg Co., VA, Will Book No. 1, 
With Inventories, Accounts, Etc., 1746-1762; p. 340

Last Will and Testament of John Sandford

Signed: March 6, 1762
Probated May 4, 1762

I, John Sandford of Cumberland Parish in L, being very sick and weak in body -

First, all my lawful debts are to be paid.

To my wife Frances Sandford - I want the land whereon I now live, be sold, and the third part of the money arising therefrom, I give to my wife.  I want as much of my personal estate sold as will pay my debts, and the remainder I give to my wife.

To my two daughters, Elizabeth & Frances Sandford - the rest of the money arising from the sale of my land is to be laid out in the purchase of as many Negro women as it will fetch, and that said Negroes and their increase be equally divided between my aforesaid two daughters, as they shall marry or come to age.  If the child be born alive, of which my wife is now big, that it have an equal part with aforesaid two daughters, and if it should so happen, then my wife to have only a fourth part of my estate.

Executor & Executrix - my friend John Ragsdale (on the [Bears] Element [Creek]) and my wife.

Signed March 6, 1762 - Jno Sandford (V his mark), 

Witnesses: David Garland, Edward Jackson (I his mark), Elizabeth Ballard ( + her mark).

At May 4, 1762 Court, the will of the deceased was exhibited by the executor and executrix, and the same was proved by the oaths of two of the witnesses, and ordered to be recorded.  And on the motion of said executors, certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate of said will, they giving security, whereupon they, together with David Garland, their security, entered into their bond.

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