Will of Nancy Standiford

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Jefferson County, KY

Last Will and Testament of Nancy Standiford

(Written January 1849; Probated March 1849)
Jefferson County, KY

In the name of God Amen.  I Nancy Standiford being of sound mind and disposing memory, but being weak in body do make and constitute this my last will and Testament.  First it is my will and desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.  Second I give and bequeath to my son two sons James Standiford and Elisha David Standiford, Eight hundred Acres of the tract of Land upon which I now live the said eight hundred acres to include the residence the improved part of the farm and so much of the pond immediately adjoining the improved part as will make up the Eight hundred Acres, and it is so my desire will that the House and the part of the farm adjoining the same shall belong to my son James Standiford.  Third it is my will and desire that Eight Hundred Acres remain undivided until my son son Elisha Standiford shall arrive to the age of Twenty one years and that the whole of the same shall remain in the possession of James Standiford until that time to indemnify him for clothing and educating his brother Elisha.  Fourth, I will and bequeath the balance of my land amounting to Eight Hundred and eleven acres to my daughter Margaret Ann Finley and my grandson Thomas S_(blur)_n, that is the half including the knoll field _____ _____ a stone at or near the salt mills to go to daughter Margaret Ann Finley and the other half to Thomas J. Johnson.  Fifth it is my will that if my grandson Thomas S. J. Johnson above named should die before he should arrive to the age of twenty one years then his part of my landed estate above devised to him shall be equally divided between my three children above named or their heirs—and it is my wish that the land above described and devised to my grandson shall remain in the hands of my son James until Thomas S. J. Johnson shall arrive to the age of twenty one years.  Ninth I bequeath all my family utensils, cattle, horses and all the stock on the farm to my son James Standiford except one horse called the dun poney which I give to my son Elisha for a riding horse.  It is my wish that my bed and bedding be equally divided among my children and my grandson but all to remain in the possession of my son James Standiford until the others shall respectively come of age except that which may fall to my daughter Margaret Ann Finley which shall have at my death.  My Negroes are all ready disposed of by a deed of trust from my mother Nancy Brooks and William Funnis trustee for the benefit of myself and children, and the crop now on the farm is the property of my son James

I hereby constitute and appoint my son James Standiford my Executor of my last will and Testament to carry into effect the provisions above named.  In Testimony whereof  I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 15th day of January 1849.  (Signed) Nancy Standiford (Seal)

George F. Brown
George Barns
I. B. Lancaster 

State of Kentucky

At the County Court held for Jefferson County at the courthouse in this city of Louisville on the fifth on the 5th day of March 1849.  The foregoing instrument of purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Nancy Standiford deceased of this county was produced in court approved by the oaths of George F. Brown & George Barnes two of the subscribing witnesses thereto whereupon the same was established by the court to be the last will & Testament of said Nancy Standiford  and ordered to be recorded and is recorded in my office as clerk of said county.  Atteste Curran Pope____.

Nancy Brooks was the wife of Elisha Standiford and daughter of Joseph Brooks.

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