William S. Sandefur


Elizabeth City County, VA

(*Contributed by Nancy Jankowski)

Last Will and Testament of William S. Sandefur

Part of Will. I lend unto my wife Elizabeth one bed and furniture, one mare, side saddel and bridle, two cows and calves, one sow and ten goats, two yous and lambs, one chist, two dishes and six plats, one pot and pan, two fat pots, one spinning wheel and cards, one pare of flatirons and six chears and ten pounds in hand money, and all the rest of my estate to be divided between my children James Nixson, William, Robert, Mollea, Rishard and Patssea. I leave my wife and son James Nixson and Nathennel Bell my hole and sole executors.

Signed in the presence of John Drewry and Elizabeth Drewry

Written in 1782 and recorded 28 Oct 1784.

(*Contributed by Charles Caldwell, JR.)

From: Wills and Administrations of Elizabeth City County Virginia and Other Genealogical and Historical Items 1610-1800 by Blanch Adams Chapman, 1941; p. 213:

Sandefur, William
Leg. - wife Elizabeth; son James Nixson Sandefur; son William; son Robert; daughter Mollea; son Richard; daughter Patsea Sandefur.  Exs. wife, son James Nixon Sandefur and Nathaniel Bell.  D. March 19, 1792.  R. October 28, 1784.  Wit. John Drewry, Elizabeth Drewry.  Nathaniwl Bell qualified, security, John Skinner.   Originial Wll.  Account of estate audited by John Hunter, Joseph Needham and Charles Jenings.  September 27, 1792.  Book 1787-1800, p. 101

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