Will of William Standiford

William R. Standiford was born in Maryland in 1771.  He died October 8, 1865 in Orange Co., IN. He married 1. Mary Ann Worford, October 10, 1805.  He was a soldier in the war of 1812.  He came to Indiana in 1818.


Orange County, Indiana

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) Orange Co. Courthouse, Paoli, Book 2, p. 126

(*Contributed by Herman R. Standiford from the records of Grace N. Paris, 1952)

Last Will and Testament of William Standiford

In the name of the benevolent father of all I, William Standiford of Orange County, Indiana, being weak in body but sound of mind and judgment and taking into consideration the frailty and uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make and ordain and this be my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills and testaments.

1st - It is my wish and desire that my wife Nancy Standerford shall be appointed my sole executor.

2nd - Said executor shall proceed to pay my funeral expenses and all my just debts.

3rd - After the payment of all my just debts I give and bequeath to my wife Nancy Standerford the whole of my estate whether real, personal or mixed of what kind so ever it may be during her lifetime to be entirely under her control and management and after her death, I direct that whatever of my estate may be left unexpensed shall be divided equally between my children:: Merriton Standerford, Emily Denny formerly Emily Standerford, Lucy Ann Owens, formerly Lucy Ann Standerford, Casander Hubbard, formerly Casander Standerford, America Standerford, Amanda Melvin Standerford share and share alike and to my son Vincent Standerford heirs and to the heirs of my daughter Betsey Walker and to my daughter Lydia Nichols, I give the sum of one Dollar each as they have each received a portion I intended to give them and I further direct that my wife and executor shall be and hereby authorized to sell the land on which I reside (to wit) Sixty acres being a part of the Southwest quarter of Section Seven in Township two North of Range Two east in Orange County where the same can be sold for the sum of fifteen dollars per acre and in case she elects to sell said land and then she is to take one third of the proceeds of the said sale then the remainder to be divided as before directed.

Witness my hand & seal this ninth day of February AD 1865 signed in the presence and acknowledged the date above written.

(X) My Mark - William Standerford

Wit: Castilian W. Trabue and Warden M. Wright

This Will was probated December 12, 1865.

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