Moultrie County, Illinois

*Contributed by Janice Garvin

 Zachariah Standerfer
(Son of William and Margaret N. "Maggie" Peters Standerfer of Moultrie Co.)

Published in The Sullivan Progress, Moultrie Co., IL on February 17, 1928

"Zack Standerfer of near Allenville is heir to a big fortune in California.  Some time ago his aunt died in that state and according to reports he is practically sole heir to big estate which she left.   Besides the California property she also owned about 30 acres of land in this county near Allenville.  This week an attorney named Reeves came her from California.   He has been business manager of the estate.  He informed Mr. Standerfer of his good fortune and secured depositions from his neighbors and friends to take to California with him.  Mr. Standerfer accompanied Mr. Reeves who left on his return journey Tuesday.  Among the property which Mr. Standerfer will inherit is a $15,000 residence in Oakland, Californiz and enough other business property to make a fortune conservatively estimated at about $100,000.  A man named Jared Peters, formerly of this county, who is related to Mr. Standerfer will get a small slice of the inheritance.  This fortune which Mr. Standerfer gets comes to a man who has never been very prosperous.  He had farmed in a small way in this county, and some years ago tried farming in Iowa for a while."

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