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Civil War - Confederate Records

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From: Confederate Research Sources, Vol. 3, p. 678:

Thomas C. Standifer, Capt. Lt. Col., Field and Staff, 12th LA Inf. En. August 13, 1861, Camp Moore, LA.  Present on all Rolls to October 31, 1861.  Roll July and August 1862, present.  Re-elected Capt. May 10, 1862, when Regiment was reorganized.  Rolls November, 1862 to June, 1864, present.  Roll July and August, 1864, absent of detached service in Louisiana, order of Sec. of War, collecting men of his command.  Roll of Prisoners of War of Officers of different commands, C.S.A., Paroled at Shreveport, LA in June, 1865.   Resided in Bienville Parish, LA.

*Contributed: Thomas C. Standifer recruited a company of Confederate volunteers from Arcadia in Bienville Parish, LA during the summer of 1861.  They reported to Camp Moore near modern day Kentwood and were incorporated into the 12th Louisiana Infantry.  Thomas C. Standifer was Captain of his company serving in this capacity until his promotion to Major of the 12th Louisiana in early 1863.  Thereafter, he was third in the chain of regimental command behind Thomas M. Scott and Noel L. Nelson.

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment in May 1864 when Scott became a brigadier general, Standifer saw active combat commanding the regimental and brigade skirmish lines during the fight for Atlanta.  Sent back to Louisiana to round up the significant number of absentees from the regiment at the end of August 1864, he missed out on the final campaigns of the war in Tennessee and North Carolina.   General Scott was badly wounded and Colonel Nelson was killed during the Battle of Franklin in Tennessee on November 30, 1864.

Still detached in Louisiana in the spring of 1865, Standifer was officially recognized as Colonel of the 12th Louisiana at its final re-organization while the regiment was in North Carolina.  Lieutenant Colonel Evander M. Graham surrendered the regiment at Greensboro, North Carolina at the end of April.  Contributed by R. Hugh Simmons who has written a regimental history of the 12th Louisiana which is currently being evaluated for publication.  He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Contact Hugh at mailto:hsimmons@popmail.voicenet.com   Many thanks, Hugh!

#1. Title: The war of the rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies. / Series 1 - Volume 24 (Part II) Publisher:Govt. Print. Off.     Date:1889; p. 90 - A Report to Capt. Thomas M. Crowder on the battle of Champion's Hill, Miss.

Jackson, Miss., May 28, 1863
..........I cannot close, general, without paying a just tribute to the gallantry and unflinching courage of my officers and men.  Where all did well special attention was only attracted by those holding conspicuous positions.  Among these deserving honorable mention are Lieut. Col. Noel L. Nelson, Maj. Thomas C. Standifer, Sergt. Maj. H. Brunner, and Color-Sergt. Eli Cole. 

I am, sir, very respectfully,
Thos. M. Scott
Colonel Twelfth Louisiana Regiment

#2. ibid, Vol. 38, Part III; p. 899

Report of Col. Noel L. Nelson, Twelfth Louisiana Infantry, of Operations July 20, 1864
...........Lieut. Col. T.C. Standifer, Maj.  H.V. McCain (who was severely wounded in the early part of the action), Lieut. M. S. Leroy, acting adjutant (who was mortally wounded), and Sergt. Maj. H. Brunner were all at their positions and did their job nobly.
I am, sir, very respectfully,
N. L. Nelson
Colonel Twelfth Louisiana Regiment.

#3. ibid...Vol. 38 (Part IV), p. 787

Headquarters On the Bell's Ferry Road, June 23, 1864-6 p.m. Major General Loring, Commanding & c.:
The enemy are advancing in force on the Bell's Ferry Road.  They are on both sides of the road, but principally west of it.  This is the report of Major Standifer, who went in front with two companies of the Twelfth Louisiana to reconnoiter.  They are now near our picket line and shelling our line here.   The cavalry on our right is very thin in the trenches, not enough, I think, to do much good. 
Very respectfully,
 W. S. Featherston
Brigadier General, commanding

#4. Ibid...Vol. 41 (Part IV)

Headquarters for collecting absentees from commands east of the Mississippi
Alexandria, Louisiana, November 23, 1864. From Brigadier General Harry T. Hays to General Braxton Bragg, Richmond, Virginia:
......To some forty others who have reported I have given short furloughs to proceed to their homes and to procure necessary clothing.  Lieutenant Colonel Standifer, of the Twelfth Louisiana, is also daily expected with about ninety of his command.

* Contributed by Brian Bivona.  Thanks, Brian!

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Visit Hugh's Website to learn more about the 12th Louisiana Infantry!

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)A Tribute to Colonel Thomas C. Standifer.   Great photo here!

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Thomas C. Standifer's homeplace in Ruston, LA.

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Thomas C. Standifer's "Old Letter"

Star.jpg (1314 bytes) James W. Sandiford.  1st Lieutenant James W. Sandiford enrolled in August 1861 at Camp Moore as a 2nd Lieutenant with the "North Louisiana Cadets" from DeSoto Parish and served with this company in the 12th Louisiana Infantry.  He was appointed Regimental Adjutant of the 12th Louisiana in January 1862 and served in this regimental staff function through the close of the Atlanta campaign in September 1864.  He was "retired" in November 1864 from a "Register of the Invalid Corps., Provision Army of the Confederate States" while the regiment was marching into Tennessee.  There is no prior indication in his file about him being wounded or absent sick.

He returned home and received a "final parole" by reporting into the Federals at Natchitoches, Louisiana in June 1865.  He gave his then current residence as Choushatta Chute and was paroled as "1st Lieutenant and Adjutant, 12th Louisiana Regiment."  *Contributed by R. Hugh Simmons (above)

Louisiana Volunteers Opelousas Guards - Co. F, 8th Regiment, St. Landry Parish, LA (From USGENWEB)
* John Sandefer

From: Booths Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers & Command, Vol. 3, Box 2, p. 441-445
*Contributed by Gladys Sandefur. Thank you!

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)Sandefor, J. D., Pvt. Co. C. Cres. Regt LA Inf. En. Camp Monroe, Sept. 10, 1862. Rolls from May, 1862 to August 1863, Present. On Register of Prisoners of War, Received at New Orleans, LA October 6, 186?. Sent to St. James Hospital Nov. 6, 186?

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)Sandford, L. A., Pvt. Co. I, Cons. Cres. Regt LA Inf. Roll Jan. and Feb., 1864 (only Roll on which borne). En.---Remarks: Absent in Engineers Dept., Alexandria, LA by order of Maj. Gen. Taylor.

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)Sandford, M. M., Pvt. Co. A, Cons. Cres. Regt LA. Inf. Roll Jan and Feb, 1864 (only Roll on which borne). En.----. Remarks: Absent I Engineers Dept., Alexandria, LA. Transfd from Capt. Kelso's Co., of which Co., the records are wanting.

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)Sandifer, J. O. J., Pvt. Co., C, 6th LA Cav. On List dated March 12, 1862. En. April 6, 1862, Monroe, LA. Rolls Sept. 1862 to Feb. 1863, Present.

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)Sandifer, Seaborn C., Pvt. Co. G, 28th (Gray's) LA Inf. En. Monroe, LA May 14, 1862. Roll Jan and Feb., 1863, Preent. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Bayou Teche, LA, April 14, 1863. Paroled below Port Hudson, LA May 11, 1863. Sent to New Orleans, LA to be exchanged. Roll July and Aug., 1863. On Parole. Roll of Prisoners of War, C.S.A., Paroled Natchitoches, LA, June 12, 1865. Res. Winn Par., LA.

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)Sandiford, James W., 2nd Lt., 1st Let. Co., A., 12th LA Inf. En. Aug. 13, 1861, Camp Moore, LA. Present on Rolls to Oct. 31, 1861. Roll dated June 28, 1862, Re-elected May 10, 1862. Transfd to Col. Thos. M. Scott's Staff. Rolls Nov., 1862, to Aug. 1864. Present. Adjutant. Also borne on Official Rolls Paroled Officers, C.S.A., Paroled at Natchitoches, LA June 21, 1865, as Sandiford, J. W.

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)Sandiford, W. E.----Co. C, 3rd (Wingfield's) LA. Cav. On Roll not dated (only Roll on which borne).

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)Sandifer, John, Pvt. Co. C. Cres. Regt. LA Inf. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured near Morganza, LA September 29, 186?

Three Sons of Nauflet & Rebecca Callaham Sandefur:

Star.jpg (1314 bytes) 1. Sandefur, R. P., Pvt. Co., 1, 19th LA Inf. En. Dec 11, 1861, Camp Moore, LA. Present on Roll to Dec. 31, 1861.

Star.jpg (1314 bytes) 2. Sandefur, W. N. Pvt Co. 1, 19th LA Inf. En. Dec. 11, 1861, Camp Moore, LA. Present on Roll to Dec. 31, 1861

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)3. Sandfer, H. C., Pvt. Co. B, 1st Battn. LA Inf. (State Guards). Roll May and June, 1863 (only Roll on file), En. March 5, 1863, Mansfield, LA. Roll states Present.

One son of Henry S. Sandefer: Two entries, same person.

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)Sandefer, Daniel, Sergt 3rd Co. 8th Battn. LA Hvy Arty. On List not dated of the officers and men of the 8th Battn. LA Heavy Arty. Who have reported in camp for exchange at Alexandria, LA before April 1, 1864.

Sandefer, D., Pvt. Co., D., Siege Train Battn. LA Roll of Prisoners of War of detachments of different commands. C. S. A. Paroled Alexandria, LA June 7, 1865. Res. St. Landry Parish, LA.

More form The Roll Book: #75. D. Sandefur, Sergt, age 36. Blue eyes, dark hair, dark complextion. 5'10'. Avoyelles Parish. Enlisted 22-?-72 by Capt. McCrory at Washington, LA. Occupation: Farmer. Pvt. Co. D. Siege Train Battn. Roll of POW of detachments of different commands, CSA. Paroled at Alexandria June 7, 1865. Residence St. Landry Parish. Daniel Sandefur Sergt 3rd Co. 8th Battn., LA Hvy Arty. On list not dated of officers and men of 8th Battn. LA Hvy Arty. Who have reported in camp for exchanged at Alexandria before April 1, 1864.

Two Sons of Robert and Unity Campbell Sandefur:

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)1. Sandefur, John W., Pvt. Co. F, 8th LA Inf. En. June 23, 1861, Camp Moore, LA. Present on Rolls to Aug. 1861. Rolls Sept., 1861 to April 30, 1862. Taken sick at Camp Beauregard. Sent to Gen Hospital. Rolls April, 1862 to Oct 1863. Killed opposite Germanna Ford, Nov. 27, 1863. Born LA, Occupation: Clerk. Res. Bayou Chicot, age when enlisted 19, single.

Star.jpg (1314 bytes)2. Sandefur, R. M., Pvt. Co. D., Siege Train Bttn. LA. Roll of Prisoners of War of companies and regiments, C.S.A., Paroled Washington, LA June 21, 1865.

More from: The Roll Book: #43. R. M. Sandefur, Pvt., Age 17. Blue eyes, dark hair, fair complextion, 5'6". Claiborne Parish. Enlisted May 17, 1864 at Opelousas, LA by Lt. Butler. Occupation: Constable. *R. M. Sandefur Pvt Co., D, Siege Train Battn. Roll of POW of different commands CSA. Paroled at Alexandria June 7, 1865. Residence St. Landry Parish.

From: The Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, edited by Janet B. Hewett


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Daniel Sandefer, Hvy Arty. 8th Bn. Co. 3, Sgt


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) J. D. Sandefor, Inf. Crescent Regt. Co. C


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) John W. Sandefur, 8th Inf. Co. F
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) R. M. Sandefur, Siege Train Bn., Co. D
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) R. P. Sandefur, 19th Inf., Co. I
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) W. N. Sandefur, 19th Inf., Co. I


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) D. Sanderfer, Siege Train Bn. Co. D
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) H. C. Sanderfer, Inf. 1st Bn. (St. Guards) Co. B


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) William Sanderford, 21st Mil. Co. F, Cpl.


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Charles H. Sandford, 1st Hvy. Arty. (Reg), Co. F, 2nd Lt.
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) M. M. Sandford, Inf. Cons. Crescent Ret. Co. A


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) J. O. J. Sandifer, 6th Cav. Co. C
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Seaborn J. Sandifer, 28th (Gray's) Inf. Co. G


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) James W. Sandiford, 12th Inf. Co. A, 1st Lt
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) W. E. Sandiford, 3rd (Wingfield's) Cav. Co. C


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Thomas C. Standifer, 12th Inf. Co. B., Lt. Col.


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) J. Stanford, Mil. 1st Regt. 2nd Brig. 1st Div.
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) James R. Stanford, 28th (Thomas') Inf. Co. B
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) John A. Stanford, 1st (Strawbridge's) Inf. Co. B, Cpl
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) T. J. Stanford, 28th (Thoas') Inf. Co. B
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) William Stanford, 19th Inf. Co. E
sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Zoroble Stanford, 18th Inf. Co. C

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